Pit Stop & Coffee -- a business solution to bathroom lockouts

Pit Stop & Coffee  --  a business solution to bathroom lockouts

Nobody will be surprised at the latest in coffee houses, especially with the big dust-up about two black guys who insisted on waiting around a bit at a Starbucks before they peed and then got tossed out for waiting and peeing.

America’s entrepreneurial spirit has found a solution that is race free, bias-free, hate free –but not free.

Very simply, you pay to pee.  Or number two. Your choice, but not both.  Then you get a voucher for a  “free” coffee or tea.

Those who remember pay toilets will recall that once-upon-a-time, back in the days of bloated bladders, one would walk into a public place — and even a private place– and find a little meter on the door of the

Pay to Pee --KeepAmerica1.org

Pay to Pee –KeepAmerica1.org

stall .  In “loo” of that, there were Soviet-like toilet minders who stood guard and collected the fee to relieve.  Then, the move for bathroom equality started –no, not the same bathroom equality that occupied the last White House —  but one which said that paying a quarter to make water or worse was unfair.  Unfair to whom was never really stated, but it is assumed they meant unfair to those with weak bladders, not necessarily to those who may not have had a quarter.

Enter Pit Stop & Coffee or PS&C.   This new venture has several locations in Chicago and is adding locations across the country every day.  PS&C is privately owned but is believed to be a joint venture between McDonald’s and Starbucks, though this cannot be confirmed.   A highly respected expert on elimination attached to the Washington DC think tank, Best Ideas, that studies bathrooms and culture, noted that for decades now McDonald’s and Starbucks have been the source of more outflow than inflow and this is a way to successfully market and profit from a potentially explosive situation.

Already, memes are starting about the real meaning the letters of the company’s name, “PS&C”, which some are saying means “Piss, Shit and Clean.”  No confirmation is available from the company officials as to the validity of the rumor.

PS&C locations are easty to spot.  With a clever nod to the bygone day of pay toilets and roadside kitsch, each PS&C location is built to look like a Port-A-John.  See scale model below:

PS&G -- For incoming and outgoing King's Sanitary Service

PS&G — For incoming and outgoing
King’s Sanitary Service

Elimination Experts across the country are hailing this new venture, and the company is expected to go public in a year or to, all for helping others not to go in public.





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