Can you mail that check to me?

Can you mail that check to me?

Despite many different ways to transact business today electronically, I still occasionally get this request: “Can you mail a check to me?”

My answer is, “no”.

I don’t have checks anymore.  My last box ran out about two years ago.  I’m not going to reorder and pay for something I barely use so I can pay someone or something I also barely use.   Sometimes the requester is taken-aback.  They don’t accept debit or credit cards and they expect you to pay them the way they want, and that’s fine.  As long as there is a pool of people the business or organization can market to, and if they are successful in keeping and fostering more business, they can demand payment in fur pelts from their loyal customers.  Too often, though, there are other choices, and transactions for them will most likely shrink. And they will complain. Oh, well.  I hear retail and service businesses complaining about Amazon and how they cannot compete.  Most of the time it is because they will not compete. Same with the “send me a check” people.

No one will accuse me of being a “first adopter”.  I was not the type of person who ran out and bought a Beta Max tape player. (If you don’t know what that is, you’re good.  They only exist in museums, if there.)  Here’s reality.   If you send off a check in the mail, there is no guarantee that it will get there, then you have to wait until the other party cashes it, and then sometime some fifteen days later, they ship your stuff.

There’s another problem with sending a check, and that is, who has stamps anymore?

It won’t be long before nobody will remember the origin of the old “check’s in the mail” promise and excuse.

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