Do you live in a purple house?

Do you live in a purple house?

Some believe the United States is a melting pot — of ideas and religions and cultures.

Some believe that the country is irrevocably divided along ideological lines never to come together again.

There seems to be less and less common ground nationally, in our respective states and locally.  One can argue endlessly about the differences  (and why) and do so on social media and in political and social and even religious settings, but what about the home?

The last presidential election seemed to the be the event that has driven a spike through even the temporary surrender and accommodation many felt in the sanctuary of their own homes, but now there seems to be a civil war in many homes as well.   Nowhere is this truer than in the Chicago area, where the most famous — and infamous–  people seem to be politicians and social vanguards.    Were this New York or Los Angeles there would be other distractions, but Chicago not so much.   Abraham Lincoln once cautioned us as a people that a house divided against itself cannot stand.  Is your house standing?

Do you live in a purple house?

If so, how do you keep the peace?  Or is the peace kept?  Is one party always bringing the political to the breakfast table or the discussion of a TV program?

Can you live in a purple house, or must it be a red house or blue house for you?

Do you have a “red room” or a “blue room”?

Are there any purple common areas?   If not, how do you see this for the country?



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