The World's Oldest Profession is threatened by robots

There has been a lot of talk about robots usurping jobs and making large swaths of human labor obsolete.

Usually, the jobs talked about are in manufacturing, such as building cars, or in fast food, where something resembling a shop vacuum-cleaner with arms will deliver your grease spot to you, but it turns out that even prostitution might be on the endangered list when it comes to human resources.

Turns out that a growing number of people would rather get down and be intimate with a  robot or doll rather than a human.  As you can see from the video, the dolls aren’t exactly too human-ish, but they are getting closer.

Imagine the ease with with a madam can now restock her stable.  Simply order a sex doll from Amazon and make sure it includes all the attributes of the latest in sexual desires. It’s already the case in Australia.  No need to ask a real life hooker to change her look to satisfy the latest fetish.  No, simply trash or recycle the old sex doll and get the latest model.  For a madam or for a pimp it’s a no-brainer.  There is no sharing of revenue beyond a squirt of WD-40, so it’s a pure profit thing.

What to do with all the old hookers who used to ply their trade?  I’m sure the various governments of the world will come up with a program to re-educate former sex workers.  Perhaps they can enter politics, which is a closely related field to prostitution, only with less honesty and far less dignity, and they can be trained to lie and cheat and steal like the average politico — all on the government dime, of course.

As the video shows, though, it’s not only men who might get horizontal with a robot.

Then soon to come will be the Politico Doll, which will only be able to say “yes” and be expert of out the box (literally) in pandering and kissing the rare human baby that is pushed in front of its sensors.

Then what to do with flesh and blood former politicians?

Elon Musk can send them to Mars.  On his X-Rocket.  Make that XXX-Rocket.


This frightening bit of news just in: Sex robots can be programmed to kill.  Yes, so performance and probably size matters — even to a robot.

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