Eulgy on Rob Sherman: to an atheist dying young

Eulgy on Rob Sherman: to an atheist dying young
Rob Sherman -Chicago Tribune

A few weeks ago I saw Rob Sherman’s congressional campaign bus  in front of a locally-owned fast food place.

Rob Sherman, was a long time atheist activist who was killed in a small plane crash on Friday.  His plane, a kit, had apparently been down a few hours in a farmer’s field near Mc Henry, Illinois, before a motorist phoned the authorities.  He died alone.  Nobody should die alone.  Though I believe he wasn’t alone, but had angels of sorts about him.

Sherman had a long history of being an atheist activist, and I am not  going to recount that history.  That’s better left for the obit writers.

I met Rob Sherman a number of times.  He wouldn’t remember me, except maybe as a vendor or supplier in the trade that paid his bills at one time.  I liked Rob Sherman.

I was sad to learn of his death.  Rob seemed a jovial type of guy, who had a good sense of humor.  I didn’t agree with the focus of his activism, but that was his business and his beliefs.   I didn’t think his activism  good for society, but that is my opinion.

The one thing that I never saw from Rob Sherman was a mocking of faith.  Sure, he wanted to do all the usual atheist activist type of things, like removing “In God We Trust” from currency and eliminate the phrase “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, but he never spent his time writing articles on the Old Testament and taking archaic phrases out of context, to the best of my knowledge.  Or wondered if a man named Jesus was not the only Jesus crucified.

I haven’t seen any homages paid to Rob Sherman, so I will.

Rob, Sherman, you were a good man; you had the courage of your convictions, and you died too soon. I think you would have made a good representative.

I hope Sherman won’t roll over in his grave with this, but I wish you Godspeed, Rob Sherman to some place good.

You were one of His children.


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