The End of Politics as We Know It -- Part I

The End of Politics as We Know It -- Part I

What was this election a plebiscite on?

  1. Racism?
  2. Sexism?
  3. Immigration?
  4. The Economy?

If you picked any of the above you are wrong.

This election is about the end of politics —or rather the political process– and the beginning of something that is dark and dangerous and forceful in American life.

This is a country divided by ideology.  The progressives –the statests among us, if you will– want a more centralized government and the top down control that comes with a wide variety of government programs; whilst the more traditional want a more detached federal and even state government.

The first group needs the politician to be foremost in their lives because every action will necessarily have a political overlay; the latter wish to be free to decide without government “help” as to how they should live their lives within the boundaries of what used to be the recognized Constitutional limits on the power of the government and the rule of law.

This is a problem that will not go away without either a new constitution being written or the old Constitution being restored to its original intent.

Obama has come and gone.  Trump will come and go, but fomenting beneath them both are the currents of a new civil war.

This does not have to happen if there is a new constitution reflecting the increased role of the state, and those who disagree with the new law of the land can be given time to leave or to decide if they want to live within the new construct.

It can also be avoided if progressives decide that they are living in a system that is essentially foreign to their thinking –along the original intent of the US Constitution–  and either decide to live globally in a place that more fits their ideology or to peacefully accept the that situation.

A possible peaceful solution would be a looser federation of states divided along blue and red and some common alliances for mutual defense and perhaps some trade.

There is no middle ground, because neither group wants to live in ambiguity or challenge.   One group emphatically wants what it wants, and so does the other group.



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