Part II--The End of Politics as We Know It

Good-bye to politics and fighting the blue culture tide…

I was a thorn in the side to every anti-Trump blogger on  I did so with purpose.

I was not a Trump supporter, but I was not a Hillary believer –in her ideology.  I urged the Trump thumpers to stop attacking Trump and to give all the people alienated by Hillary –the Millennials, those cheated Bernie supporters, the apathetic, the lazy, the African American and, yes, the lower and  middle income whites– reasons to vote for her.  Only Bob Schneider, Politics Now, delivered.  The rest continued to attack Trump to the readers of, most of whom would never vote for Trump anyway, and they wasted their opportunities.  The aftermath of the election results are coming in, and Hillary Clinton just could not convince those groups that she had the answer.  She had far fewer of each demographic show up and pull the lever.

I do not apologize for my comments on blogs.  I was right.

Goodbye to making comments on the attacks on Trump and on the Blue Society that will continue and escalate as his term enters into history.   I am done. You are free of this troll.  It is the end of politics and the acceleration of types of war,  and I am not a political junkie or devotee.  It bores me.

So does arguing about who is a racist or sexist or other “ist” based on what the supposed definition of any one group of people.

Few of you know what hit you with the “surprise” election of Trump, because you live insulated lives and chatter with like minded individuals, read the same things, live, mostly, lives of comfort in single demographic areas and are blind to the world outside your safe spaces,  the New York Times, NPR, main- stream media.

Now you are in shock and seek comfort with self-created survival guides to the world of Trump and apologies to women, children, men, gay, transgender, bi, African American, Latinos and others.  Sorry if I missed a political identity group, though one below-the-radar one is missing.  I will let the reader fill in the blank.

You are snowflakes.

Politics in America is over. Trump will be gone in the blink of an eye, historically speaking.

What is coming is going to change almost everything we know, and it will arrive before the youngest Baby Boomer reaches seventy years of age, and it will have little to do with Obama and Trump.

Everybody will be harmed.

We will be fooled again.  On the left and on the right and straight down the middle.

Only the stakes will be higher, life or death.

There will be no safe spaces.

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