Who wins: Superman vs Batman?


It should be no contest — Superman should win.

Fox TV’s Gotham  is going to put the two superheros togehter to battle it out.

Why, I don’t know.

I thought they were on the same side, but a lot has changed since I saw George Reeves launch himself into the air in black and white on my antennea TV set.  A lot has changed too since the campy Batman, played by the campy Adam West, took care of the Penquin and the Joker and the rest, with the help of the (gag) “Boy Wonder”, Robin.  It was always “POW” and “BANG” and “SLAM” and the crooks got their due, until the next episode.

No matter what though: both superheros and Robin,  the Boy Wonder,  wore tights, way before it was okay to cross-dress in public.  When Batman finally came on in color it was almost embarassing to watch them wriggle around the Bat Cave like that, but I watched anyway. There were only three stations at the time, so choices were limited.

Flash forward many years and both Superman and Batman have changed.  No comment on Robin.  Hey, where is Robin, anyway? Batman is now a solo act, no? I’ve seen some of the Batman movies, and I don’t recall Robin.  Well, boys have to grow up and get real jobs, I guess.  And sometimes bad things happen, too.

I confess I don’t watch Gotham, so I’m probably going to miss the tease for what is going to be a major motion picture, but maybe that’s a good thing.  Do I want to see the movie?  Do I really want to know who wins the cage match between Superman and Batman?

Superman has only two weaknesses. Yes, there is one more weakness beyond Kryptonite –Lois Lane.  But other than that, the dude can spin the earth around and change time.  I don’t think Batman is up to that. True, Batman has lots of gadgets, and might be able to spin the earth a little faster — but with his bare hands?  No.

What would be really fun is if some handicapper could match the George Reeves Superman against the Adam West Batman and see who wins at mortal combat.  Robin stays ringside and just blows some “Holy Smoke!” comments –sans tights, I hope.

Man of Steel or Caped Crusader.  Going at it.  Who do you think will win?

Once upon a time they were buds, kind of.

On TV.

In black and white.


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