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Shout Out from Space --- "Sorry, Wrong Number"

  British astronaut, Tim Peake, dialed long distance from space.  More about that in a minute (or a few units in tele-talk). It used to be there was one phone in the house, usually in either the kitchen or hallway or some other public space in the house.  Once upon a time extensions cost extra money, and... Read more »

"Amphicar" Ride... Half car, Half Boat!!

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Next time you get frustrated with Lake Shore Drive traffic, think of what could have been: a shortcut across the lake — via your own Amphicar Model 770, first introduced by German car maker Quandt Group. Quandt made 4000 or so of these not-quite-a-car and not-quite-a-boat, but the concept never became a mass market success.... Read more »

Who wins: Superman vs Batman?

  It should be no contest — Superman should win. Fox TV’s Gotham  is going to put the two superheros togehter to battle it out. Why, I don’t know. I thought they were on the same side, but a lot has changed since I saw George Reeves launch himself into the air in black and white... Read more »