Have You Forgiven Your Private Judas?

Today is Good Friday.

In the Christian world it is the day that Jesus Christ was tortured and put to death on a cross two thousand years ago, just outside the city walls of Jerusalem.

Jesus was betrayed by one of his loyal followers, Judas Iscariot.   In the Garden, Judas came up to Jesus and kissed him, the kiss of death, and Jesus was taken away to fulfill the Gospel.

Most major faiths call for those who are wronged to forgive those who have trespassed against them.  Not so much for the guilty party, but for the wronged person to find peace.  Even the secular world recognizes that to hold a simmering grudge will do your body and mind harm in the long run.

We have all had our Judas Iscariots, who have betrayed us for who knows what reason.  Maybe a friend backstabbed you.  Maybe a sibling fought for part of an estate of a parent not deserved.  Perhaps there is a father who was abusive and never around, or a mother who was an alcoholic.

Judases all.

Only, unlike Judas, they did not hang by their own hand, but live on in your life, either close by or far away.

Do you have your own private Judas?

Did you forgive?


How did it make you feel?

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