5 Solid Reasons to Allow Polygamy

I think as we as a nation begin to tolerate the inclinations of those who are different from us, we should broaden our horizons on the meanings of human institutions.  Not to do so, is bigoted, as pointed out in the very recent decision of the Supreme Court of the United States regarding the Defense of Marriage Act.

The Supreme Court, states the that the Defense of Marriage Act was conceived in homophobia.

Maybe this was true, but what is "homophobia", but fear.  Fear of homosexual persons.

Now, maybe we can move forward on a long ago injustice, one that drove an entire group of people out of Illinois.

I am talking about the people of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, or Mormons. So hateful were actions of the people of Illinois, that the Mormons were forced to leave their new home in Nauvoo, in 1846, because of violent attacks upon the LDS members settled there.

Some forty years later the US Government forced the Mormons to renounce polygamy and conform to the "norm" of society.

Are we to pretend that it was not the sexual so-called deviations that caused the expulsion of the Mormons from Nauvoo and, later, forcing them to essentially divorce their own family members.

In today's world, it is a big joke.  "The Book of Mormon" is a raging hit with all those who claim to have sensitivity to the gay cause.

Where is the justice for the Mormons?   Why are you afraid of them?

If polygamy were once again declared legal, think of the extended family support that it would provide to single women and children who cannot find either a member of the opposite sex or same sex to enter into a loving union with them.

Here are 5 good reasons to reinstate polygamy:

1. Provide food and shelter by private means

2. Allow the terminally single, men and women, to have some sort of lasting  and legal union with benefits, no matter if not complete and whole.

3. To provide for the care of children, which can supplement the government's burden.

4. To form close-knit and protective communities.

5. To provide for the sexual variety that many psychologists  claim necessary to keep a marriage alive.

Fair is fair, and the time is now.

Members of the straight community, open your eyes.  Gay and Lesbians, you are now considered the "norm" and have equal protection under the law.  How about helping your brothers and sisters who are seeking the same, instead of mocking them?  This could be part of your lasting legacy of liberation of institutional bigotry.


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