See "Live" Torture-- A Groupon Special Offer???

Such a deal allegedly offered by Groupon: for a mere $28 you can take tour of the historic Armory in old San Francisco.

Wow, think of the history.  If these old walls could only talk.

Turns out they not only talk, but are alive.   The old Armory is the home of “Kink”, which makes torture pornography

According to the story, you might even be able to see them filming an actual torture scene.


Wait, there is more…

Kink kind of has a specialty: “live filming of ‘young sexy teens who are overwhelmed and outnumbered’ … who need to learn a lesson by multiple men; of women being ‘bound, whipped, objectified and humiliated.’”

Hey, whatever turns you on, I guess.

Except, live filming of sexy teens?  Maybe — hopefully– it is not real teens being used; maybe it is young looking adults.  Still, what is the difference: the idea remains the same sick idea.

If you the idea of sexy teens, or women being humiliated by multiple men, there is a deal in San Fran right now.

Can’t get this everywhere.   This is a Chicago company offering a rare deal.

Tell me it is not true.  Groupon accordingly says it is a great tour offered by a stand-up company in the community.

Some community.

I’m hoping it is  mis-information.


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