Fairy Castle it Ain't- (but it's the only one in Chicago)

Fairy Castle it Ain't- (but it's the only one in Chicago)

Who wouldn’t want to live in a castle?

Living in a castle means you’ve made it.  Made it big.  You’re up on the hill; you’ve got the moat; you collect taxes from the peasants below; you have your choice of wenches –and your word goes!  It’s the Chicago way.  Ask any Chicago mayor/king.

It’s good to be king or queen or mayor, and a castle proves it.  Just ask Potter Palmer, he of the Palmer House Palmer’s. He was sire of the last private castle in Chicago, which was no match for the wrecking ball  and sometimes questionable Chicago land deals.  Palmer’s castle came tumbling down in the 1950’s.

A castle sounds like a house fit for a mayor of Chicago.  Mayor Rahm might want to think about renting his diggs out again and moving into something that more defines his style.  Maybe he can convince the current occupants of the Beverly Castle to move on.  Maybe.

The Beverly Unitarian Church calls the castle home, so the question will be, does Rahm have to wait for God to vacate?  Even Mayor Rahm has to wait for God, right?  Right!?

How about for the ghosts that walk it’s floors and hide close to its stone walls?  Can Mayor Rahm ghost bust?

Seems some crazy-thinking Irishman, Robert Givens, built the caste  in 1886,  with the idea that it would resemble the ancient castles of his native land. Then he was going to carry his bride-to-be across the moat and live happily ever after.  But the legend is that she died before the big day. So much for the best laid plans of would-be local kings.

Givens eventually decided to be king elsewhere and sold the castle to various other individuals and organizations, including a “girl’s college”.

This is where the ghost busting might get confusing.  Nobody is sure if it is the future-but dead Mrs. Givens that is doing the haunting or one of the girls from the college that died of some type of fever, in the 1930’s.  Girls were always dying of some type of “fever” in the 1930’s.

So, if Mayor Rahm is to be ghost-free (with the exception of political ghosts, that is) in his proposed new castle, whose he gonna call?  Yes,  Bill Murray!  Even though Mayor Rahm might know a thing or two about “sliming”, Bill Murray has a slight edge in timing and sliming. What Bill Murry can do about God is open to debate.  God won’t be busted out of no castle, no way.

It is a shame to have a castle in Chicago, the only one, and not have Chicago’s supreme being of earthly power enthroned  in it, as opposed to “only”  the representative of Supreme Power.

Maybe if Chicago were to come under attack by Wisconsin or Indiana,  Mayor Rahm could take up dual residence with God.  It would be like the old Braveheart days — for God and Mayor and King and City.  Amen!

This would be a crisis that Mayor Rahm would not waste, and it would be a rare opportunity to have Chicago’s mayor in the type of residence befitting his rule.

It might be kind of fun to watch some of the alderman being tossed over the stone walls and slithering around in the moat with the crocodiles, which is fitting housing for both.   Hopefully the crocs wouldn’t be scared off.





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