Why did the US lockdown? Ask China

Why did the US lockdown?  Ask China
Why was 100 years of Pandemic response by the Western World tossed out?  Why did the US lockdown?  It’s not what you’ve been told. Watch

John Kerry's School of Solar Panel Construction

John Kerry's School of Solar Panel Construction
John Kerry’s School of Solar Panel Construction Before Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change, John Kerry soared off in his private jet, he promoted his schooling option to the newly fired Keystone Pipeline workers. His solution is simple: Learn to Solar Panel.  Learn to build them, that is.  You can watch Kerry say it’s no... Read more »

A bad week for unions and diabetics thanks to Joe Biden

On Joe Biden’s first day in office, he killed the Keystone Pipeline deal with Canada and took down at least 10,000 good-paying union jobs.   He also banned new permits for fracking on federal land, thus putting thousands of more good-paying union jobs at risk. Not content with destroying union jobs Biden took on health care... Read more »

Pritzker to your favorite restaurant and small business: Screw you, you are not getting Federal Covid Tax Relief Funds

Illinois, according to Restaurant.org lost a record number of jobs tied to the restaurant and bar industry in November (see quote), the month that started with Governor Pritzker’s order to close all indoor dining, Nov 01, 2020.  The nearest state to Illinois in losses was Michigan, with a mere 9900 lost jobs.   Illinois lost... Read more »

These Illinois Politicians Got a Vaccine while your Granny did not

Got an elderly loved one in a nursing home you haven’t seen in person since last March?   Maybe you are thinking that once a vaccine is available and they receive it things will change? It might. But your granny is going to have to wait in line behind your favorite Illinois politician, who just plowed... Read more »

Has Los Angles County traded freedom for safety?

This order regarding COVID-19 takes effect in Los Angeles County starting November 30, 2020, through December 20, 2020.  I will link to it here.  These are the basic new restrictions.  I have highlighted a few points in bold: Gatherings: All public and private gatherings with individuals not in your household are prohibited, except for faith... Read more »

Devout Catholic Joe Biden doesn't know how to pronounce "Psalmist"

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God help us. Joe Biden is calling on the words of a “palmist,” instead of a psalmist, to cure Covid-19, to stop breaches, and to make the nation whole again. Probably, a palmist, who reads lines on a person’s hand, and a psalmist, whose words give glory and ask help from Almighty God, might have... Read more »

Goodbye, Columbus statues. Now for the street signs.

Chicago mayors are gaining fame for late-night tactical strikes to impose their will against the governed. Mayor Richard M. Daley famously put his double XX signature on the runways at the Meig’s Field Airport and thus canceled this popular airport.  Meig’s Field became an early Cancel Culture victim.  Richie Daley, a woke visionary.  Who woulda... Read more »

Where was "Mom" Lightfoot last night to turn the car around and send the "kids" home?

Where is “Mom” Lightfoot? Last night,  July 17, 2020, throngs of protesters assembled in Grant Park to try to tear down the statue of Christopher Columbus with “Mom” Lightfoot nowhere to be seen.    They were not successful in toppling the statue, but there were clashes with police. According to Block Club Chicago: Police said... Read more »

COVID-19 -- Law enforcement agencies in McHenry, Illinois, want to know if you test positive for COVID-19

COVID-19  -- Law enforcement agencies in McHenry, Illinois,  want to know if you test positive for COVID-19
Is your health privacy disappearing in the name of  COVID-19 safety?  Do you care? In McHenry County, Illinois, a judge has ruled that if you have COVID-19, your name is being sent to law enforcement, reports CNS The Chicago Tribune reported the following: “On Friday, McHenry County Judge Michael Chmiel entered a temporary restraining order... Read more »