Voting and other ways to adult

A few weeks ago I made a very adult decision and implemented a new house rule: No adult beverages until the floor in the apartment is swept. As the pet mom to what I assume are the two most fur-producing animals on the planet, I had grown disgusted by how much fur was vacuumed up... Read more »

5 truths I learned from a 90s cover band

Last weekend, I attended a bachelorette party. The affair was fun – no drama, no fussiness, no sashes. And it was delightfully free of penis paraphernalia. Thanks, Kimber, for that. The highlight of the night was a 90s coverband that was playing at Bottom Lounge. I have to admit I was dubious of such an... Read more »

The hate and violence feel like a hurricane

It feels like every time we start to get back up, we end up right back on the floor – we fell, or were pushed, or were knocked over by a force so great it knows no bounds, a hurricane. That’s life, I guess. It’s always tough. It’s a series of triumphs and defeats –... Read more »

Pleas to Chicago weather gods fall on deaf ears

Yesterday, on the oh-so-holy platform of Instagram, I made an appeal to the Chicago weather gods. I reminded Chicago that although winter is its best accomplishment, it does spring very well too. I harkened back to last month when the city seemed to embrace the beauties of springtime. But I may have pushed the limits.... Read more »

You do you: Accepting who you are, stereotype and all

It took approximately 30 years, but finally I learned to be okay with who I am. Who I am is a lot of things, as is true with all of us. I like to believe that I can’t be defined easily, that I’m unique and unpredictable. Those who know me may disagree. Sometimes though, when... Read more »

The night G-Eazy came to Uptown and threw me for a loop

Well, winter has finally arrived in force to Chicago. Despite the frigid temps, going out to your favorite neighborhood bar and grill in the cold winter weather is a must to avoid the cabin fever. And, when your neighborhood is Uptown, you come to expect the unexpected en route. However, on a recent outing, after... Read more »

11 perfect food pairings for dinner and a holiday movie

<iframe src="//" width="480" height="204" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p> Love Actually: "Banoffee pie?" "No thanks." "Thank god, you would have broken my heart if you'd said yes." It's lines like these that make this movie a must-see every year. There are actually a lot of great food pairings for this film - the scene with Emma Thompson munching on cereal and the good digestives with the chocolate come to mind, or Nativity Lobster. But, banoffee pie is simple and decadent which is perfect for holiday movie night. Go ahead, have cereal for dinner and <a href="">this pie</a> for dessert.
Whether you like it or not, holiday movies are a staple for December. Are they cheesy? Yes. Are they miraculous? Oh, hell yes. And because we so often find ourselves bustling and overbooked this time of year, it’s nice to snuggle with loved ones and stay in with a light movie when you can. From... Read more »

50 Things Overheard in Chicago: #23 A weakness for music

50 Things Overheard in Chicago: #23 A weakness for music
Overheard in Chinatown: There were parental figures nearby, but they were out of earshot of the three boys tumbling by us on their way out of the Red Line. One boy, about aged eight who was wearing glasses and a sharp outfit, declared to his mates, “You know music is my weakness!” I don’t know... Read more »

Stop hiding behind your thoughts and prayers and demand an end to gun violence

I don’t write about my religion. I don’t talk about my spiritual beliefs very much. My hope is that people can see and feel in my words and actions the love that I credit to my personal faith in God. (P.S. I know that I fail at this sometimes. No need to point this out, thanks.)... Read more »

10 things to do on an adult road trip this holiday season

The holiday season is officially upon us. It’s the time of year when we become sentimental about our family traditions, reflect on the good things in our lives and the things we want to do differently, and when we wax poetic about our beliefs and love. It’s a lovely, if sometimes nauseating, time of year.... Read more »