I moved to Chicago in October of 2013, just before the most brutal winter of all time. I moved directly from Atlanta and prior to that I lived and blogged in India. Needless to say, adjustment was a necessity. If I learned anything in India, it was to take each day as an adventure, but also to realize that each adventure requires things to cope. I choose chocolate and wine and travel.

Amazed by politeness and humor of which I was not accustomed, I embraced Chicago and the cold, making the Midwest my new home. And so, I moved to Chicago to live with Hannah and our pets, Bogey (the dog) and Zoe (the cat). We explore Chicago, the outdoors, and food. Amongst all this, friends and family visit, current events go on, and life generally happens. I hope you will enjoy reading about the risky and unexpected undertakings that end up in this space. I suggest you enjoy it with a brownie and a glass of Malbec.

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Musings about India and surviving the polar vortex can be found here.