Recalling the cherub trend

As I’ve settled into the fourth decade of my life, I’ve become accustomed to noticing a group of teenagers and thinking, “Oh, that’s cool again?”

The plaid grunge thing; sunflower prints; neon: we did that first. And we swore we were original, and not distinctively trendy. We were just being ourselves.

My sister, forever cooler than me

My sister, forever cooler than me

On the CTA last week, I texted my sister to alert her to our teenage years returning. I spied a crop top, a choker, and a jumper in a single train car. She, always cooler than me, replied that she currently owns two of the three 90s-comeback trends.

Fashion is cyclical, I’m told. (I’m chronically unfashionable.) But some things just don’t make it back the second (or third) time around.

This kid was not known for her style, obvs.

This kid was not known for her style, obvs.

For instance, when some friends posted a photo of a creepy chubby angelic statue from their recent trip to Prague, I exclaimed, “Wasn’t it weird that cherubs were a trend in the early 90s?”

Hannah was shocked and dismayed. That would be weird if that were actually a thing, but surely it wasn’t, right?

Again acknowledging that I am not and have never been trendy, I questioned myself. Maybe I was the only kid who had a cherub scene on their journal, and a cherub t-shirt – incredibly over sized of course – and possibly some figurines. (I rocked a backwards baseball cap and some cutoff shorts with the t-shirt, I’m sure.)

I googled, “cherub trend early 90s.” Voila, a vintage Vivienne Westwood bustier popped up in the results. Surely, I was on trend! The only reason I know Vivienne Westwood exists is because of one of Carrie’s failed wedding attempts. That shit is Vogue.

I felt vindicated. But, kids, I advise against the reboot of the cherub. It’s creepy af.

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