12 rad thoughts on 90s movies based on an internet quiz I took

12 rad thoughts on 90s movies based on an internet quiz I took
Me and this guy would get along, he's trying to collect all the Speed VHS tapes. www.vice.com

I have a confession: I sometimes take those internet quizzes you post on Facebook.

This 90s kid was destined to rock that quiz.

This 90s kid was destined to rock that quiz.

I don’t always take them, because mostly I know what kind of personality I have and don’t need to be told which Disney princess I am. I’m Belle, y’all—adventure in the great wide somewhere, a midnight dinner party, stubborn enough to argue with a beast, a quiet reader-type… I mean, come on, it’s not rocket science.

But occasionally I do want to test my (near nonexistent) pop culture knowledge, or know what country I should be living in.

So I took the “Can You Name 99 Movies From The 90s By A Single Screenshot?” quiz.

I scored 96 out of 99.

MESSAGE TO PARENTS: If you raise your kids in the suburbs and their entire social life revolves around going to the movies every Friday or watching a rental at a friend’s house, you too will raise a kid who is able to dominate internet quizzes one day. You can take this as a warning, or a tip, depending on your perspective.

Oh man, I kind of miss Blockbuster. For any teenagers reading this, Blockbuster was a store in almost every strip mall where you could rent DVDs and VHS and video games. And, DVDs were things that you had to put in a player to watch movies on your TV. And VHS were thick tapes you used in a VCR. And a VCR.. oh never mind.  Blockbuster was basically Netflix IRL. But, browsing for a half hour in a shop was just somehow more satisfying than browsing on Netflix for a full hour. At least you get to walk away with something in hand.

Anyway, as I was taking this internet quiz, a dozen thoughts passed through my mind. Here they are:

Julia really is America's sweetheart.

Julia really is America’s sweetheart.

  1. Do you remember when either Julia Roberts or Mel Gibson starred in a newly released movie every week?
  2. Aladdin, Mulan, Tarzan, Beauty and the BeastDisney really had its heyday in the 90s.
  3. How did Bruce Willis lose all of his hair in between making the second and third Die Hard movies?
  4. What is Danny Glover up to these days?
  5. Armageddon films were novel in the 90s; and I watched almost all of them. (Sidenote: the movie Armageddonwas the first movie I ever cried at. I blame Aerosmith, and Ben Affleck.)
  6. Remember when Arnold Schwartzenegger and Whoopi Goldberg were actors and not just celebrities?
  7. And when Cameron Diaz was a break out star?
  8. Scream is responsible for my little brother still hating horror flicks today. The poor kid was nine years old and wasn’t supposed to be watching with us, but he sneaked in and peered over the couch. I’m pretty sure he still mourns Drew Barrymore.
  9. Speaking of scary movies, the Blair Witch Project was always awful, but I’m pretty sure that that documentary-style filming for fiction is the reason we have shows like Parks and Rec so at least there’s that.
  10. If you can’t pick out a Robin Williams film by a single screenshot, you’re not living life right.
  11. There’s a reason that I love the 90s, and I think it’s more than just because that’s when I was a kid. They don’t make them like they used to. Maybe, or maybe I’m just being an oldy pants.
  12. They didn’t include a single Leonardo DiCaprio screenshot, which just makes it seem like they didn’t even live in the 90s.

affleck internetWelcome to my brain, y’all.

Also, I want to re-watch all of these films now. Since Blockbuster is no longer, can someone put them on Netflix, please?

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