8 best holiday songs by boy bands

Did holiday chores take over your weekend, too? Feeling a little drained by it all?

Inspired by a 5ive band member lookalike who I saw on the El on Friday, I put together a gallery of the best boy band holiday songs (and videos). Because every pop star on the planet makes a holiday album (is this mandated in the pop star contract?), there were a lot to choose from.

Here you will find the best (read: most amusing, which is really the worst) original songs performed by popular all-male bands. I included Jackson 5 and the Beatles, despite their not generally being considered “boy bands” because they have a couple of great songs to include.

I hope this brightens your holiday season. Enjoy–and feel free to use this post as your playlist at your next holiday gathering.

(Also thanks, Facebook friends, for gently reminding me that Five is really 5ive–what was I thinking?)

And yes, I did make Hannah watch all these videos. We may have had running commentary throughout the viewing.

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