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Surviving the 1970's! Chapter 1: Metal Swing Sets!

Do you remember swinging on your metal swing set in the ‘70s and early ‘80s? You know in the days when you could still swing and not become nauseous after 2 foot pumps back and forth. Not sure what happens to our equilibrium as we get older, but the struggle is real. Now as I’m... Read more »

The Trouble is You Think You Have the Time

Recently one of my favorite people asked me why I hadn’t written lately, he wondered where my stories had been, why he hadn’t received an email with a notice that I had posted. I stuttered, bit my cheek and I felt I needed to explain. My reason: for 15 weeks between May and August, I... Read more »

Joe Buck if you get to announce the World Series...

Joe Buck if you get to announce the World Series… I’ve heard two interviews with Joe Buck recently, one on the Score 670 and one on WGN, both Chicago stations. Joe stated that he would like to announce the World Series. He added that calling the World Series at Wrigley Field would be, “The cherry... Read more »

Pink Heals in Joliet has a New Truck - The Kris!

When I was younger, I used to joke that my ancestors landed in Joliet, Illinois either because someone was giving away land or the horse died while crossing the Des Plaines River.  Whatever their reason for landing here I had always wondered why did they stay?  There was so much more scenic land if they had continued West or warmth... Read more »