Wedding Registry to Last Throughout the Years...Well at Least 20 of Them

This year marks my 20th Wedding Anniversary.  Recently, I’ve been looking around the house, and marveling (really laughing) at some of the items that made it to the 20 year mark with us. I felt that I should share some of these things, to help all new couples, make the most of their 1st 20 years. The key is to register smart for... Read more »

Best Food Picks of Traverse City, Michigan

Recently, we took a short 4 day trip up North to Traverse City, Michigan.  It is about a 5 hour drive for us.  So, we broke up the trip driving there and back, by stopping in a couple of Michigan beach towns.  We stopped in South Haven on the way there and New Buffalo on the way... Read more »

Project ME - Foster Children, a Simple Wish, a Simple Bag

Picture yourself as a child.  Your world has just been turned upside down by a family crisis.  An adult, you just met, from DCFS informs you that you need to leave your home.  You will be placed with strangers, albeit kind strangers, but strangers none the less.  You can only grab a few items and you... Read more »

Another Year, Another Dress, Another Stress Test

Another year, another dress and another stress test! It’s time for the annual fundraiser! Fancy clothes needed! Shopping here I come…argh! I really don’t like shopping when I HAVE to find something, because I can never find anything.  It seems I can only find something when I’m not in desperate need.  It also does not help, when let’s say, I... Read more »

Donna Day, Kris Day and Cancer Needs a Cure Now!

ChicagoNow writers are writing to honor Mary Tyler Mom’s daughter Donna.  Donna had childhood cancer and after 31 months of treatments, her journey ended at the age of 4, in October of 2009. If you would like to meet Donna and read about her brave story, click here (warning: you may need a few Klennex)! What is Donna... Read more »

50 Shades of Grey Review

50 Shade of Grey the movie is here!  Woo-Hoo …I think…right?!  This week watching the social media buzz on this movie, it felt like a wheel fell off the bandwagon. For me this book trilogy was read in about 2 weeks.  That’s right I didn’t sleep for a couple of weeks, honestly I was trying... Read more »

Jon Stewart Leaving The Daily Show? Please Don't Go!

Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show and I am devastated!  Jon please don’t go! Tonight my Facebook page and cell phone lit up with family and friends sending me links to the news about Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show.  All were also offering condolences.  At first, I had hoped that they were jokes, maybe... Read more »

Navigation System for Right Brains

Navigation systems in our cars need to have better voice directions, in my opinion.  When I’m driving in an area that is unfamiliar, I’d like a little more assistance.  Being told that an unknown road is in 600…400…200 feet ahead really does me no good.  I need her to talk to me, “Jayme, next light is what... Read more »

A Letter to the Sailor in the Song Brandy by Looking Glass

Recently, at work, we’ve changed the radio station to WLS. WLS is still one of my favorite station after all these years.  Daily, the classic song Brandy by Looking Glass is played. I realize that this tragic love song is from 1972 and maybe you are all over the sad story, but apparently I am... Read more »

The Fifty Dollar Gift

This past year I went back to my “old” job, my first real job, at Sound Incorporated.  I started there many years ago, when I was a child (I didn’t think I was then), but I was, at all of 19 years old.  At the time, in 1989, I thought I had made it big!  I had a job in Naperville with two of... Read more »