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Newspapers and DJs Versus The Digital World

Recently we had a family movie night, the boys picked Cars 3, they have been in a Disney mode lately. This was a strange pick for them, to be honest. You might be thinking, “Boys picking Cars 3, why strange?” Well, they are 17 and 15, I’m not complaining, I loved it. It was a... Read more »

Surviving the 1970's! Chapter 1: Metal Swing Sets!

Do you remember swinging on your metal swing set in the ‘70s and early ‘80s? You know in the days when you could still swing and not become nauseous after 2 foot pumps back and forth. Not sure what happens to our equilibrium as we get older, but the struggle is real. Now as I’m... Read more »

The Trouble is You Think You Have the Time

Recently one of my favorite people asked me why I hadn’t written lately, he wondered where my stories had been, why he hadn’t received an email with a notice that I had posted. I stuttered, bit my cheek and I felt I needed to explain. My reason: for 15 weeks between May and August, I... Read more »

Motherhood and the Merry-Go-Round

A few days ago my mom posted a picture of an old merry-go-round circa 1970-something.  She tagged several friends from our beach club that I grew up with.  Most had the same memory of nausea and some had memories of fun.  Looking back on it, we most definitely maxed out the weight limit allowed, with... Read more »

The Giving Tree is Me!?

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is one of my all time favorite stories.  Shel and Dr. Seuss are at the top of my list for authors.  I know, I know, you may argue that there is Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Rowling and some might even say E.L. James…maybe.  But, for me Shel and Seuss are on my... Read more »

Wedding Registry to Last Throughout the Years...Well at Least 20 of Them

This year marks my 20th Wedding Anniversary.  Recently, I’ve been looking around the house, and marveling (really laughing) at some of the items that made it to the 20 year mark with us. I felt that I should share some of these things, to help all new couples, make the most of their 1st 20 years. The key is to register smart for... Read more »

Why I Vote and Why All Women Should Vote Too

I don’t normally get political on my posts, actually I avoid it altogether.  This story isn’t necessarily Democratic or Republican more about voting. Last week, I came across a clip from a Fox News panel type show.  One of the panelists, Kim Guilfoyle, in my opinion, made several unfounded blanket statements about young women voters. ... Read more »

Dear Cancer: I Hate You!

Cancer, I’m writing to you today to let you know that I hate you and I vehemently disagree with you.  You’ve taken people from me and continue to slowly, silently and steadily steal souls from us. I disagree with you on your approach as it is villainous, the way you sneak up on most, and surprise attack your victims.  There... Read more »

Middle Child Day - August 12th! Who Cares?

Middle Child Day is August 12th.  It is my holiday.  If you’re a middle child, it is your holiday too, I will share it with you because “middles” are great at sharing. Over the course of my lifetime I have announced my position in my life and in my family, claiming my middle child status. ... Read more »

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Have We Become Numb?

There were 298 victims on the tragic Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.  298 lives – athletes, babies, nuns, aids researchers, moms, dads, sisters and brothers – 298 people.  Lives that were shot out of the sky by a group that should not have had the means to do so, but they did, because sadly that is the world... Read more »