Motherhood and the Merry-Go-Round


A few days ago my mom posted a picture of an old merry-go-round circa 1970-something.  She tagged several friends from our beach club that I grew up with.  Most had the same memory of nausea and some had memories of fun.  Looking back on it, we most definitely maxed out the weight limit allowed, with the amount of kids we would load on that metal circle.  It was the 4pm swim break and “safety first” was not applied. 

There are always so many different perspectives of the same experience.  Some having fun on the circle of terror and some remembering throwing up!

So of course, thinking ahead to Mother’s Day this weekend, I started comparing the ride of motherhood to that Merry-Go-Round.

We all run to the Mother-Go-Round full of excitement.  It looks fun and shines in the sun. We run at it with full force, almost with a who can get there first “race ya” attitude.  Once we are there the ride is different for each of us. 

We all jump on, some landing feet first and some landing with wet suit bottoms. No matter how we land, we are all there excited, when we get our first gotcha. The fire hot steel circle has been baking in the sun all day waiting for us to jump on and ride. We are all now branded in diamond plate patterns and while it stings at first, we acclimated and get set for the ride of motherhood.

There are moms who will position themselves strategically within the metal bars, feet locked and hands holding on as tightly as possible. Never sure if they are enjoying the ride, but they are determined to see the ride through.

Others it is clear are fully enjoying the ride.  Laying on their backs, eyes closed facing the blue sky, holding on gently, their long 1970s straight hair dragging in the sand running foot path without a care.  They are the ones screaming, “Faster, go faster!”

There are the moms who are the spinners. They run, spinning the crowd with control, no matter the weight of the push.  They are consistent and keep it moving. At times they will hop on for a glide, but if it slows too much they are positioned to hop off and keep the ride going.  However, not all the spinners can keep up no matter how hard they try.  Some fall and have to roll out of the way or get run over by the ever moving force of the ride.  

Some moms like to stand in the middle to “surf”, they let go for bits to see how far they can make it on their own and hands free, but always seem to grab back on for safety while cautiously laughing the whole time. 

Then there are the moms who get thrown off the ride.  Some on purpose because they let go or jump as they walk away from the ride.  Others by a cruel twist of fate, will get thrown off the ride, straight into a bush of sticky burr for no good reason.  They do their best to jump on the ride again, while grabbing hold of another persons outstretched arm.  

Remember that we are all on the same constantly moving ride. At some point we will get that nauseated feeling, feel like jumping or get thrown off.  Some of us will beg for the ride to stop so that we can get off gracefully, without losing our hot dog, Bugles and lemonade lunch.  

However you ride the Mother-Go-Round, do your best to relax a little, have fun and hold on to each other so we don’t jump or fall off.  If you’re a spinner…we are all getting a little older…maybe we can just slow the roll a little bit.

Happy Mother’s Day!  Let me know below what type of rider you are on this ride of Motherhood.

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