Joe Buck if you get to announce the World Series...

Joe Buck if you get to announce the World Series…

I’ve heard two interviews with Joe Buck recently, one on the Score 670 and one on WGN, both Chicago stations. Joe stated that he would like to announce the World Series. He added that calling the World Series at Wrigley Field would be, “The cherry on top of my career”. Well, ok I get that, but…Joe we need to have a serious talk.

I’m not here to take anything away from your career, you know your stuff and you do your homework. I certainly don’t want to be the one to deny cherries from topping anyone’s career, but this World Series is a big deal for us Cubs fans and honestly, you don’t seem to like us.

During the interview on the Score, you said, there isn’t anything you can do about people who complain about you and that every team wants their own announcer. While this is true, we would love our own announcers, I’m here to offer that there are truly some things you can do to make us like you better.

The three biggest changes you can make for an immediate return on our investment; you need to be unbiased, relax a little it’s a great game we are all watching, and respect both sides. You’re not just there to spew out the facts you’ve memorized or have in front of you.

We aren’t asking you to cry with us when we win or when we lose, just be a little more even. As an example, if a team is losing in the 6th inning, the game isn’t over. However, if a team is winning, by let’s say 8 runs, in the bottom of the 8th, then maybe the game might be almost over (you had trouble giving us that one). Additionally, if you like one player more than all the others, just be a little conscious of your repeated mention of said player or memes will appear, lots of memes.

You do your homework, you have the stats, what you need is the commentary to make both sides feel that you’re invested a bit in their team.

Here are some anecdotes about the Chicago Cubs that you might want to use for your banter and flip a few of us over to your side:

  • Dexter Fowler, the first Cub to take the field on Tuesday, will be the 1st black man to play for the Cubs in a World Series. There were no black baseball players the last time we were in the Series.

  • Anthony Rizzo spends a considerable amount of his free time visiting children in the hospital who are fighting cancer.
  • David Ross is retiring from baseball this year and we’ve been celebrating him all year, and we are sad to see him go.
  • Ben Zobrist likes to ride his bike, in his uniform to Wrigley, just like a little leaguer.


  • Jon Lester took a lot of grief from his Red Sox fans when he left and ultimately ended up in Chicago, we were so happy when he joined us and that he put up with the grief. You may be able to identify with the social media grief that can be handed out.
  • Joe Maddon keeps it cool, preaches everyone makes mistakes and to shake it off. He likes to have the team dress up in Onesies and themes when they travel to keep it loose.


  • Javier Baez wears a glove that is embroidered with his sister’s name. His sister, Noely, passed away in April from Spina Bifida.
  • Addison Russell broke his hitting slump by wearing Matt Szczur’s underwear (you know this though, it was your “scoop”).
  • Matt Szczur donated his bat to Rizzo, underwear to Russell and his bone marrow.  He saved a life, for real.  Saves batting averages and saves lives.
  • Jake Arrieta’s beard has super powers (I have no source here, it’s just a feeling most of us have).
  • Kris Bryant’s eyes are dreamy…wait, sorry that note was just for me.
  • The Chicago Cubs offer Mass, in the stands, on Sunday home games to the players and staff. Look who was there the day after that Grand Slam, Miguel Montero! Side note – the Priest is Fr. Burke Masters from my church in Joliet – Cathedral of Saint Raymond! Fr. Burke is the Cubs Chaplin.


  • We don’t want to hear about the curse anymore, it is over.


  • Whoever runs the Chicago Cubs social media should win an Oscar, an Emmy or whatever award is given for Social Media!
  • You can let Steve Bartman know, he can come out from hiding now. He’s been pardoned by the fans. #freestevebartman
  • We are the type of fans that would love to see John Cusack, during the 7th inning stretch, walk out to the pitching mound, dressed in a trench coat, holding a boom box above his head and have a recording of Harry Caray  singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game play overhead.


  • Many of us have “angels in the outfield”.  I think almost all of us have family and friends who have passed, who were die-hard fans, who were waiting for this World Series to happen. They passed before the dream became a reality and didn’t get to see this happen. So beware, the bleachers and our hearts will be very crowded, even if you can’t see it, they are with us.

So, while we realize calling a World Series at Wrigley, might be a dream of yours, understand that…we’ve been dreaming this World Series dream a lot longer than you. We need you to see that and we need you to feel that when you’re talking about our team.

You’re welcome to use the points above during your commentary, it may not make you fall in love with us, but maybe you will like us or understand us a little more. The thing is, we don’t have to love each other Joe, we can have a good working relationship. Just help us out a little bit and let us leave our TV volume on (the radio delay is tough to deal with). Help us, help you to retire the hashtag #joebucksucks.

Thanks for your consideration Joe and Go Cubs Go! #FlyTheW!

Those of you still reading, I would like to mention something positive that I came across during my research on Joe Buck. Joe is involved with a skin cancer awareness program called Spot Me. You can find out more about it at 8,500 people a day are diagnosed with skin cancer, important for all of us, most especially our players who are in the sun all Summer, and now Fall.

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