Is anyone else sick of Bill Plaschke and his jealous narrative?


Is anyone else sick of Bill Plaschke and his jealous narrative?

I was settling in to watch Game 1 of the NLCS between the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers, when I came across an article by Bill Plaschke titled, Is anyone else sick of the Cubs and their long-suffering narrative?, that he wrote for the LA Times. Here is the link, warning if you’re a Cubs fan his narrative might make you sick!

I hesitantly decided to read his story, the problem is, I’ll admit it, I am a click-bait junkie.

In this story Bill makes a “confession” that he is sick of the Chicago Cubs. I knew his face to face confession would likely ruin my mood for the night, but I read on. The game hadn’t started so I took the bait, I clicked, I regretted it and now I feel I need to assign penance to his confession.

He begins his confession by stating, “Somebody has to say it. I am sick of the Chicago Cubs.”   So, I will start my penance story to Bill by stating, somebody has to say it, I am sick of Bill Plaschke’s jealous narrative.

Bill complains about the long-suffering narrative of the Cubs. I’m here to tell you as fans we don’t have a long-suffering narrative, it has always been a short and sincere narrative, “Wait until Next Year!” Which, we’ve done year after year. When the season is over, we look forward to next Spring, next Summer.

The reason that the seats are always filled if we are winning or losing, is because Wrigley, the Cubs and the fans haven’t moved. We were never the Brooklyn Cubs, we’ve always been the Chicago Cubs. What that creates, is a fan base where grandparents and parents have passed down the love for the Cubs to their children and their grandchildren. In Chicago we love if we are losing or winning because that is how a family loves. If that makes the Cubs “lovable losers”, I will take that term of endearment.

We are a “quaint ballyard” and we are blessed that so many talented Chicago Cubs fans come home to watch their team win or lose. Bill Murray, John Cusak, Eddie Vedder, and Tom Morello all visit no matter if we are winning or losing, that make us quaint and welcoming. I’m sure they all feel at home when they come to Wrigley, just like we all feel when we visit.

And, our 7th inning stretch is not an “overworked, songfest” it is our way of remembering Harry Caray because we don’t forget our history or our family.

I am sick that you are blaming the Cubs for the Dodgers’ players being “anonymous” and the “underdogs”. Here is an idea, write a story that tells us about your players and stop blaming us for not knowing them.

I am sick of your excuse that the Dodgers were exhausted, because of the Cubs. You stated they were exhausted because MLB favored the Cubs and their schedule. You are making excuses for professional major league players. Are they complaining or are you? I have watched kids play more games in a shorter amount of time. The Dodgers are professional players, being paid a ton of cash, take a nap and suck it up. It is not the Cubs’ fault, actually it’s no one’s fault, that’s the price of fame and the big pay checks.

I am sick that I couldn’t afford $750 tickets to tonight’s game and you, oh you are in our home, likely on someone else’s dime when you are so sick of us.

You stated that there were empty seats in Los Angeles this week, because the Cubs lost the 3rd game. This meant the Dodgers had to play the next game in the afternoon with only a dozen hours of notice. Well, I don’t even understand this, I don’t understand empty seats? We don’t do empty seats and a dozen hours would have been plenty of time for us to get to Wrigley.

I say, if you make it to the play-offs, be professional, be grateful, and roll with it. I also say run it out, when running to first base and use two hands when catching, but that’s a whole other story.

I offer up that this October does belong to the Cubs. Everyone loves the Cubs, this year especially, because the Cubs love each other. They are talented, they are unselfish, they are humble and they are having fun. They are led by a manager that has managed not only the plays, but has managed the players and created a real team.

We don’t “bask in losing” we don’t care about the “fancy new bleachers” – you must not have followed the fights about the changes to the Wrigley. We don’t care about fancy, we love our field, we love our pin-stripes and we love this team.

We do hope to win a World Series and we will leave the Nobel Prize celebration to Bob Dylan, which was amazing in its own right. We do love to watch the Ivy change colors in the Fall and we are grateful to have front row seats to watch it change this year.

Your penance Bill, is to sing with all your heart at the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley and to score me four tickets to the next Cubs home game!

I leave you with some of the most profound words in baseball, spoken by Tom Hanks in the movie A League of Their Own.

Bill, “Are you crying? Are you crying? There’s no crying! There’s no crying in baseball!”

Unless that Montero Grand Slam, is making you cry…because, I’ll give you that one, you can cry with that one!  Is this the part that you need the Kleenex?

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