Chapter 3: The Addict Worth Fighting For

Dear Friend,

I’m excited to tell you that this week while visiting my best friend in the army we went to get tattoos together. I got a semicolon while he got something else. I recently discovered Project Semicolon which is an organization dedicated to raising awareness for suicide prevention. Awareness is spread through people getting tattoos of a semicolon in a highly visible spot and when people ask what the semicolon means you can say,

“This is for raising awareness for suicide prevention; the semicolon represents the moment in the sentence in which the author decided to keep going.”

I should probably also let you know that even though we’ve found an anti-psychotic that works really well for me that it’s not uncommon to still exhibit symptoms. In the past few weeks I’ve still been having paranoid episodes and hallucinating and feeling bugs crawling under my skin but I’m happy to report that it hasn’t been for nearly as long or nearly as intense.

I hope this is information that pertains or resonates with you. Its just that I have so much going for me for the first time in a very long time. It’s usually in these moments of success and happiness that I self-sabotage with drugs and alcohol. I figure if I out myself as an addict to someone who matters to me that maybe it will help me hold myself accountable.

Anyway I hope things are going well for you on your end.



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