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20 Gals Who Paved the Way for Nurse Jackie

My all-time-favorite-former-nurse...Misery.  Kathy Bates played Annie Wilkes, a complete whack job, is all too happy to nurse her favorite author back to health following a car accident.  Paul makes the mistake of letting "his number one fan" read his latest transcript.  Once Wilkes discovers her favorite character has been killed off, she gets the sledgehammer and breaks the author's legs.  Let the re-write and nursing begin...
Last night Season Three began over at All Saints Hospital.  Jackie Peyton was right where I last saw her; in the bathroom trying to figure out how the hell she was going to lie her way out of the situation she had gotten herself into. Nurse Jackie is a pill-popping-vicodin-snorting-RN.  I love her and I do... Read more »

Television Sweeps: The View + Staged Controversy = Ratings Bonanza

Television Sweeps: The View + Staged Controversy = Ratings Bonanza
…Academy Award Winning Actress, Whoopi Goldberg (p.s. she’s also won an Emmy, Tony, and a Grammy…but who is counting…apparently she is…)   Get out the heating pad and grab an ice pack from the freezer.  Seems Whoopi Goldberg’s over-inflated, Oscar winning ego has flared up again.  She was bitching up a storm over on the View... Read more »

Oprah's View: Her Highness Hosts the Hens

..." truly groundbreaking stuff"  did I expect anything less??
Seems like the stars have aligned; at least as far as I am concerned.  My life will be easier, today, February 11, 2011…my gal O is hosting the gals from The View.  I can kill two birds with one stone and watch all of these numbskulls in one hour instead of two. The questions this... Read more »

Forget about Oprah's Favorite Things: Final Season Guests are the Real Gift

You do not watch this hour of history.  The Sound of Music is my all-time favorite movie--I want to remember Julie Andrews singing about her favorite things just the way it happened --in her room with the children at her bedside during a terrible storm--while she fashioned playclothes out of draperies--somehow the vision of Oprah singing along while clapping like a seal is not something I want burned in my memory.
Favorite Things–Shmavorite Things…you can keep the 3D TV–I have no use for a dog colored sweater–too many calories in the pot pie–what if I don’t live long enough to appreciate the unveiling of the Bug in May 2011?  God knows I couldn’t afford the invoice from the IRS on the items I could have scored... Read more »