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2013 Golden Globes: The Official Drinking Game

2013 Golden Globes: The Official Drinking Game
If you have a glass in your hand,  the television tuned to the Red Carpet and are in need of a little more entertainment; you have come to the right place. Here it is. The Official 2013 Golden Globes Drinking Game You know the basic rules, pour yourself something fabulous and take a sip following... Read more »

2011 Academy Awards Telecast: Yep, It Was THAT Bad...

Who was responsible for thinking Hathaway and Franco would equal Oscar Ratings Gold...back to the drawing board...The 84th Annual Academy Award Telecast is right around the corner.  My suggestion for bringing the youth audience next year...tweet it...the responses and reactions I read last night were priceless...and kept me awake...and I am old.
I have not thought about “lemons and lollipops” since my senior year at MAA.  Every edition of our school paper contained a section called “Lemons and Lollipops”. For one dollar, a student could “buy” the right to have a line published in this section.  A senior might plunk down a buck to say…”A Lemon to Sister Sandra... Read more »