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2013 Golden Globes: The Official Drinking Game

2013 Golden Globes: The Official Drinking Game
If you have a glass in your hand,  the television tuned to the Red Carpet and are in need of a little more entertainment; you have come to the right place. Here it is. The Official 2013 Golden Globes Drinking Game You know the basic rules, pour yourself something fabulous and take a sip following... Read more »

Saint Gemma~ Please Pray for my Wretched Soul

Even Matilda cannot wipe the smile off of her face when she gets a "knee-mail" from Lilo.
An All Saints Pew~I refinished an old church pew donated from the Chicago Archdiocese and a bit of artistic help from eager third graders…this was the end result that fetched $750 during a live auction at the boys’ school.   While I would not proclaim myself a “holy roller”, it is definitely not a stretch... Read more »