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That's What He Said: 50 Quotes To Live By According to Michael Scott

Time is running out for Michael Scott.  Tonight loyal viewers will be treated to another edition of “The Dundies”.  Remember when Michael awarded Phyliss her Dundie for “Bushiest Beaver”? With one more episode left after tonights airs, I find myself feeling a bit nostalgic.  I am going to miss Dunder Mifflin’s Boss.  Sure Michael is... Read more »

Great (Michael) Scott! And His 15 Best Office Alter Egos...

Great (Michael) Scott!  And His 15 Best Office Alter Egos...
Will Ferrell punches in at the Office tonight…it is Training Day…which means it is almost time for my favorite boss to head to Colorado with Holly. Michael Scottt is leaving the Office in a few weeks.  I haven’t been this sad since I found out Lost was in its final season.  More entertaining than the... Read more »

The Office: 25 Favorite Quotes Courtesy of the Boss

Six years ago, The Office premiered as a mid-season replacement.  At first, ratings were shaky.  And, now, looking back, I understand~like many viewers, I was stuck over on channel 7 watching Grey’s Anatomy.  At the end of the third season over at Seattle Grace…just about the time the series began to flatline…I called it…pronounced it... Read more »