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Forget about Oprah's Favorite Things: Final Season Guests are the Real Gift

You do not watch this hour of history.  The Sound of Music is my all-time favorite movie--I want to remember Julie Andrews singing about her favorite things just the way it happened --in her room with the children at her bedside during a terrible storm--while she fashioned playclothes out of draperies--somehow the vision of Oprah singing along while clapping like a seal is not something I want burned in my memory.
Favorite Things–Shmavorite Things…you can keep the 3D TV–I have no use for a dog colored sweater–too many calories in the pot pie–what if I don’t live long enough to appreciate the unveiling of the Bug in May 2011?  God knows I couldn’t afford the invoice from the IRS on the items I could have scored... Read more »

Michael Jackson: A Year and Several Tissues Handed from Tito Later

  It’s been a year since the death of The King of Pop.  Do I weep for Michael–the “five”–his eighty-year old mother now faced with raising “his” children, Joe Jackson’s lack of income, thanks to the will, from the movie This Is It?  No, I continue to weep for Farrah Fawcett–her body was barely cold when... Read more »