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Honey Boo Boo: That Baby Has Three Flippin' Thumbs?!?

Honey Boo Boo:  That Baby Has Three Flippin' Thumbs?!?
Have you caught the Honey Boo Boo Show? Until yesterday, I was ashamed proud to admit that no, I had not. I caught the tail end of the marathon yesterday.  I tuned in toward the end of the episode where Chickadee birthed her baby.  Oh, My.  And, then the Halloween special.  TRICK.OR.TREAT.TO.ME. Here are some of my random... Read more »

Keeping it Real: Bin Laden Inspired Reality Shows

Understand the dynamics of a multi-spoused family each week as Osama's various wives share in depth info regarding being one/fifth married to the World's Most Wanted Man.  Swapping a night with the hubby isn't the only thing these simple gals share.  Tune in to see how they trade burkas, household duties, and creative ways to keep many children busy as they spend year after year in the exact same room.
Not sure about you, but I am becoming very overwhelmed with the 411 coming out of Pakistan ten days after Navy Seals got the deal done. Entertaining the news that a former sex slave of his is spilling her guts regarding Waldo’s admiration of Whitney Houston, I took a breath and decided to take it for what it... Read more »