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Kids' Sports: When Everyone Wins Backfires

Kids' Sports: When Everyone Wins Backfires
I had a feeling there was more in the “fine print” located at the bottom of the kids’ birth certificates. More than feeding the heathens, dropping serious cash down on kicks they would outgrow long before the season was over, and of course maintaining a health insurance policy well into their twenties. Somewhere in the... Read more »

Brats are Not a Hollywood Exclusive: Instructions to Create Your Very Own Nightmare

by following these fifteen easy steps you will easily earn the "I have raised a "Super Brat" Badge of your own...Wear It Proudly...Please, enjoy your prize.
Charlie Sheen thinks he is special.  I disagree.  There are a million “Charlies” out there and most can be spotted a mile away.   There is a “Charlie” clone on the lap next to you in Friday’s Mommy and Me Class.  There are more than a few of the little clowns playing at recess behind Any... Read more »

Who Gets the Hook at A Playdate Interview??

    I’ve never been a fan of “new parenting”. I remember the clowns that used to run the playground circuit when my kids were young. Today’s crew has evolved into something that makes yesteryears freaks seem almost normal. My younger brother called out of the blue last week to ask me if I’d ever... Read more »