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Osama bin Laden Dead: Residents of Hell Frightened

Where were you when that Scumbag met his fate?  Certainly the memory for you, like me, is permanently filed in your brain right behind your assured recollection of your exact location when those fuel filled jets piloted by complete lunatics smashed through the Twin Towers on that sunny September morning almost ten years ago. History... Read more »

Forget about Oprah's Favorite Things: Final Season Guests are the Real Gift

You do not watch this hour of history.  The Sound of Music is my all-time favorite movie--I want to remember Julie Andrews singing about her favorite things just the way it happened --in her room with the children at her bedside during a terrible storm--while she fashioned playclothes out of draperies--somehow the vision of Oprah singing along while clapping like a seal is not something I want burned in my memory.
Favorite Things–Shmavorite Things…you can keep the 3D TV–I have no use for a dog colored sweater–too many calories in the pot pie–what if I don’t live long enough to appreciate the unveiling of the Bug in May 2011?  God knows I couldn’t afford the invoice from the IRS on the items I could have scored... Read more »