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Choking Master: Flub-em-up-Phil

A perfect opportunity to pass Tiger Woods in rankings and finally wear golf's greatest crown...guess who showed up--yep, Eff-Em-Up...
The 2011 Masters is in full swing; the greens well-manicured ~ the trees and flowers in full bloom.  Phil Mickelson returned as the defending green jacket champion.  Tiger Woods, for better or worse, has, well, he has returned. Poor Tiger~caught him during the Masters’ press conference on Wednesday.  He just looks, for lack of a better word, sad. ... Read more »

Girl Scouts Gone Wild: Local Police Department Takes a Bite out of Cookie Sales

Thanks to the quick thinking and action taken by Villa Rica’s finest, strip malls across this sleepy Georgia town have returned to business as usual. Meanwhile, fundraising table dodgers across the nation leap to their feet and applaud the boys in blue for standing firm in enforcing the rules as they apply in their town.... Read more »