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Chicago Area Tornado: Do You Know This Couple?

Chicago Area Tornado:  Do You Know This Couple?
Do you know this couple? A high school friend posted this picture on her Facebook Feed today. Apparently, her husband was out on the driveway in Plainfield surveying storm damage and this 8×10 glossy fell out of the sky. From the looks of it, the picture appears to be from a broken frame. Maureen would like... Read more »

Valentine Reservations?: Yeah, don't do that...

www.coopershawkwinery.com  I must admit I have never been to this restaurant.  I have heard many, many fine things about it.  It's in the neighborhood and I don't think I have ever passed it's parking lot and not seen it full to capacity.  It has an extensive food menu as well as a menu for wine.  If you happen to find yourself in the Orland or Burr Ridge area, be sure to check this place out.
Want a sure fire way to waste a boat load of money, wait a long time to get a table where you will more than likely get crappy food, even crappier service, and risk a possible love connection?  Take your sweetie out on Monday night…go ahead, see if cupid strikes.  I’ll cut to the chase,... Read more »