DWTS Week 3: Me Thinks We Finally Have A Scandal

DWTS Week 3:  Me Thinks We Finally Have A Scandal
Just in time for “Personal Stories Week”, Urkel has a bit of an anecdote to share. Long story short: DWTS needs some viewers.  The Voice is killing them in the ratings department. Cue a “vicious” fight between Urkel, his partner with a pretty sore toe (depending on which account you side with) and Suddenly-A-Bad-Boy-Ballas (quite... Read more »

DWTS Season 14 Week 2: The Best and the Worst

DWTS Season 14 Week 2: The Best and the Worst
  Last night the cast of D-List characters returned to the ballroom for another go-around.   Did you miss the excitement? No worries…the best and worst follows…along with my predicted bottom three…and who should be put out of her misery. Ahem, Spoiler Alert…her last name rhymes with avertralova.  FUN FACT OF THE NIGHT: In addition to... Read more »

ABC Locks In The DWTS Tranny Vote

ABC Locks In The DWTS Tranny Vote
So looky-loo…Chaz Bono is headed to the dance floor with his–er–her–er his sights set on the Mirror Ball Trophy. Viewers are crying foul and posing many burning questions:  What is ABC thinking?  How can they showcase “THAT” on a family program? Who will Chaz dance with…a man or a woman?  Can that “lard ass” even dance?  And, most... Read more »

Keeping it Real: Bin Laden Inspired Reality Shows

Understand the dynamics of a multi-spoused family each week as Osama's various wives share in depth info regarding being one/fifth married to the World's Most Wanted Man.  Swapping a night with the hubby isn't the only thing these simple gals share.  Tune in to see how they trade burkas, household duties, and creative ways to keep many children busy as they spend year after year in the exact same room.
Not sure about you, but I am becoming very overwhelmed with the 411 coming out of Pakistan ten days after Navy Seals got the deal done. Entertaining the news that a former sex slave of his is spilling her guts regarding Waldo’s admiration of Whitney Houston, I took a breath and decided to take it for what it... Read more »

DWTS Week 5: Random Snarky Thoughts and Predictions

Cool, Ballas was not channeling The Boss...but I think he's paying tribute to Billy Ray.  Chelsea likes parties, The USA, and Miley Cyrus...Super Cool!  An interview that couldn't be made up if tried.  Sadly, these two clowns can dance and creepy groper has become even creepier towel snapper.  See you next week, weirdos, that was pretty good.
Tonight we pledge allegiance to America via the dance floor…and according to Tom Bergeron, as of tonight, no clear leader has emerged.  Wow, I wonder if the Liberals find that statement as ironic as the Conservatives viewing do.   Anticipating the celebration of the red, white and blue, the stars and the dancers descend the stairs in... Read more »

DWTS Week Four: Snarky Thoughts and Predictions

tonight offered FOUR questions begging the contestants "How Do You/Does That Feel?"  An improvement?  Yes.  Is she still obnoxious?  Definitely.
Week Four over on the dance floor brought “Classical Week”.  Classy dancing meets classical dance moves meets the “classy-should-never-be-used-in-the-same-breath-when-speaking-of-most-of-these-contestants” dancers.  Considering this type of equation, the night promised to be at the very most~a train wreck…and at the very least~entertaining. I vote for neither.  It was a snooze-fest.  After watching this show since the very... Read more »

DWTS Week 3: Snarky Thoughts and Predictions

I admire whoever got to this gal and demanded she spice up the post-dance questioning...and applaud her for listening and trying to improve.  She didn't grate on my nerves nearly as much as she usually does.  Bravo, Brooke...please continue with the anything but the damn feelings questions.  You should be safe for another week.
After last week’s successful prediction of “Psycho Mike’s” departure, I thought I would follow up again with a guess at who should pack their dance shoes following Week Three’s “Personal Stories” Themed Episode cast off. I know, I know what you are thinking…”who could not have predicted last week’s departure”.  That is why I will give... Read more »

Oprah: Ratings and Ramblings...it must be May Sweeps

I love watching TV during sweeps months.  November, February, and May are the months I set aside to catch some real jaw-dropping moments.  I’m sure many are worried about which network to tune in to tonight; ABC offers the most coveted mirror ball trophy–FOX will crown a new American Idol–and NBC will decide which chubster... Read more »