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Brats are Not a Hollywood Exclusive: Instructions to Create Your Very Own Nightmare

by following these fifteen easy steps you will easily earn the "I have raised a "Super Brat" Badge of your own...Wear It Proudly...Please, enjoy your prize.
Charlie Sheen thinks he is special.  I disagree.  There are a million “Charlies” out there and most can be spotted a mile away.   There is a “Charlie” clone on the lap next to you in Friday’s Mommy and Me Class.  There are more than a few of the little clowns playing at recess behind Any... Read more »

Teens Do Not Come With Instructions: Lucky For Their Parents, The Brats Know Everything

This picture was drawn by my seven-year-old about nine years ago when he thought his family was the “bee’s knees”…today, he thinks we are complete idiots…the life of a parent seems like a rollercoaster when facing the “teenage years”…I hope I come out of this stage unscathed…     Part ll Discovering my once delightful child... Read more »

The Family Dinner: A Recipe for Disaster...

Growing up harmoniously in a family blessed with six kids born in a span of ten years brought a laundry list of rules.  Dad made it pretty clear early on that these were not mere suggestions, they were law, “as long as we lived under his roof” they were to be followed, “cased closed”.  Needless to say, these regulations were not... Read more »

Stay-At-Home-Mothers: Raising children who say the darndest things...

Stay-At-Home-Mothers: Raising children who say the darndest things...
  I’ve been a mother for almost sixteen years.  Once these hooligans were old enough to speak and eventually form opinions, I made a decision.  They were allowed to say one mean thing to me a year. It didn’t seem that long ago that I was a kid being raised by a mother who occasionally... Read more »