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Chicago Bulls: The Teamwork Engine That Could

ESPN.com Illustration I am hoping there is a tavern in heaven, there has just got to be, right?  And, I am even more convinced last night the big screen was tuned into the Cubs (even the angels and saints are suckers for the lovable losers) game as St. Armand served up an extra dry beefeaters on the rocks to... Read more »

Snow Kidding: Headlines buried by 2011 Blizzard

...you could always be there...a snowy Chicago in the winter is to be expected~there is no better place in the world.
  Nothing like the snowstorm of the century to bring out the best in local news coverage.  If you have ever had the opportunity to view breaking news in any other market in the country, you will certainly agree Chicago News is heads and shoulders above the rest.  Even the snooze-fest Channel 2 provides will not... Read more »

Oprah Winfrey OWNed: she's still a big, fat fraud...

Oprah Winfrey OWNed: she's still a big, fat fraud...
  Did you happen to tune in to the “self-proclaimed” best interview evvvvvverrrrr last night?  Piers Morgan debuted his CNN chat fest with the best guest ever; apparently it’s going to be all downhill from here on out following the last question he posed to Lady O.  How could it not?  All other guests will forever be overshadowed by... Read more »