DWTS Week 5: Random Snarky Thoughts and Predictions

Cool, Ballas was not channeling The Boss...but I think he's paying tribute to Billy Ray.  Chelsea likes parties, The USA, and Miley Cyrus...Super Cool!  An interview that couldn't be made up if tried.  Sadly, these two clowns can dance and creepy groper has become even creepier towel snapper.  See you next week, weirdos, that was pretty good.
Tonight we pledge allegiance to America via the dance floor…and according to Tom Bergeron, as of tonight, no clear leader has emerged.  Wow, I wonder if the Liberals find that statement as ironic as the Conservatives viewing do.   Anticipating the celebration of the red, white and blue, the stars and the dancers descend the stairs in... Read more »

DWTS: Week Two...my vote is for Brooke Burke to go home...

DWTS: Week Two...my vote is for Brooke Burke to go home...
Tonight is the night ~ someone has got to go home. I love this season of Dancing with the (ahem) Stars.  Sadly someone has to leave us tonight; how does that make you feel?  Makes me feel like I wish it was that boring-ass hostess taking a hike tonight. Jeeze Louise…she is–for lack of a... Read more »