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Palm Sunday Mass At St. Miguel's...Not What Jesus Would Do

Somewhere in Heaven there has to be some type of VIP meeting going on.  I am sure the Big Guy has assembled his number one son, JC, along with his right-hand man, the Honorable Holy Spirit.  This is a problem that definitely requires a meeting of the minds. This guilty catholic imagines them assembled around the... Read more »

Lent for Dummies

You might be sitting on the train wondering why the guy next to you doesn’t realize he has a forehead full of ash.  Or perhaps you can’t for the life of you figure out why Carol from accounting gave up her morning coffee run.  Every year around this time Carlos flakes on the regularly scheduled... Read more »

Last Rites: If there is a way to screw them up, our family will find it...

Last Rites: If there is a way to screw them up, our family will find it...
  Part lll #6 –the calm, cool and collected Chong– spoke for all of us as he fought back tears, clenched his fists, and avoided his turn…instead, he gasped, and then bellowed, “oh, no…are you fucking kidding me?”.  His reaction to Dad’s appearance once we finally arrived at the Hospice Center really said it all.  As the baby... Read more »

Mom's Taxi At Your Service

I can officially add “chauffeuring the boy on a double date” to my list of things I never thought I’d take part in.  I was informed the day before he would not be joining us for his birthday dinner as he had other plans for this particular night. Like anything with this kid–information is often... Read more »