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Good Grade Incentives...

There is quite a bit of scuttlebutt regarding kids in the news this week…kids getting paid for good grades…kids becoming bullies if they have been (gasp) spanked at some point in their lives…kids fed up with greasy pizza and nuggets boycott the cafeteria…kids pushing the new girl in town who dared to date the quarterback to suicide. I... Read more »

Catholic School...I Survived!

Today is the 33rd annual Kickoff Parade at Lincoln Elementary.  Each year the school chooses a theme.  Usually something simple–something used as a tool to guide the course of the school year.  A postcard comes home in early August tipping us off as to what outfit we should put together for the parade.   Kids... Read more »

Who Gets the Hook at A Playdate Interview??

    I’ve never been a fan of “new parenting”. I remember the clowns that used to run the playground circuit when my kids were young. Today’s crew has evolved into something that makes yesteryears freaks seem almost normal. My younger brother called out of the blue last week to ask me if I’d ever... Read more »