April Writing Challenge - How Many Weight Watcher Activity Points Can I Earn Rolling My Eyes?

April Writing Challenge - How Many Weight Watcher Activity Points Can I Earn Rolling My Eyes?

I have committed to an April Writing Challenge – promising myself to write each day this month.

Today’s prompt – How do you incorporate exercise into your day?

I’ve dropped twenty-five pounds since starting the Weight Watchers new super plus points whatever the hell it’s called program back on January 1.  The one Oprah put her name all over.  So help me God, I joined in spite of her.

I have some good news and I have some bad news.

The good news?  I’m not quite the pork chop I was four months ago.  The bad news?  I’m only one-third of the way to my goal.  Boo.

Not my first time at the Weight Watchers Rodeo, I decided this time that I enjoy life more than stuffing my gullet with a loaf of French bread by the time I get home from the Jewels.

As any Weight Watcher member knows, there comes a time you’re going to hit a plateau.  And that sonofabitch hit me like a brick wall last week.  I blame the Easter ham and the 9×13 pan of brownies I ate – when you eat them in 1-inch squares at a time they don’t count, right?

The beauty of the “new” way to Weight Watch – or “Big Broprah is Watching” as I like to call it, is you CAN eat whatever you want, but if you want to lose, there is some give and take involved.

Track the food you shove in your pie hole – each morsel is given a point value – don’t go over the amount of points your are allowed on any given day – that’s the give.

The magic is in the “take”.  And the take is earning “extra points” thanks to what you can earn by exercising.

I’m fairly certain this is where my problem lies.

Aside from the daily steps – I’m hopeless.  If only Weight Watchers offered “activity points” for what I’m good at.

Like rolling my eyes.  I could have put away a gallon of chocolate ice cream today based on the “Bernie” convo I listened to on the commute in today thanks to the two ladies sitting behind me.

Lady 1:  How do you think Bernie will do in Wisconsin tomorrow?

Lady 2:  He’s making a comeback – he’s going to win.

Lady 1:  I heard someone say he’s going to raise taxes if he becomes president.  You don’t think he’s going to raise taxes, do you?

Lady 2:  No.  No way.

What my eye roll is thinking:  Who the frick does she think is going to pay for all the gimmes this guy is offering?

I wish Weight Watchers gave me credit for the two Big Gulps I carry to my desk and lift and drink each day.  Fantastic for the upper arm strength.

How many points do you suppose a wince is worth.  I wince a lot on the train ride to and from the loop each day.  I wince when that guy picks his nose and rolls his boogers and decides whether or not to wipe it under the seat or lick it off his finger when he thinks no one is watching.

And when some lady is trying to figure out the mechanics of a revolving door.

Or some fella looks at a fountain pop dispenser as if it is something foreign.

I break a sweat each morning trying to convince my high school junior to get his ass out of bed so I can make the 5:55 to the Loop.  That’s got to be worth at least a trade for a snickers mini.  Right?

My heart was racing this morning as I tried to remember which closet I stuffed the winter coat, hat and gloves in.  Who knew I’d need them again so soon?  How many points for an elevated heart rate?  Huh?

If laundry was considered an Olympic Sport, I’d be a gold medal champ.  Weight Watchers gives points for laundry and sweeping and plenty of other chores around the house and yard.

But, I need more.  I think I need to commit to an exercise challenge.  Maybe I’ll conquer that once I master this writing challenge.  Perhaps I should start tomorrow.  Or next week.  Should I wait until May?

How many points do you suppose Weight Watchers would be willing to offer for indecision.

If that were possible – I’d be farther along than one-third of the way there.

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