Hey, Comcast - It Shouldn't Take Nine Days To Fix Someone's Cable

Hey, Comcast - It Shouldn't Take Nine Days To Fix Someone's Cable

I wish I could start a prayer chain – no – not for me, for my cousin.

She needs nine days of her life back.

Nine days.  Nearly a week and a half of the time she spent on the hopper with the good folks at Comcast.

We’ve all dealt with Comcast at one point in our lives or another, right?

I admire her restraint.  I’d have lobbed my cable boxes through their front window by day 4.

The original problem was the service started out with intermittent slowness on the internet, and the TV would start to pixel.  On Dec 11, they completely lost everything, which is when she and the mister began their calls.

Feeling like she couldn’t make this shit up if she tried, this disgruntled Comcast customer began posting daily “Comcast Updates” on her Facebook wall.

What follows is documentation of her pain:

After dealing with Comcast for three (3) days, I have absolutely no tolerance.  Today the rep confirmed I have a tech scheduled to come out between 5-7 pm tonight.  She then asked if the tech was was able to find the problem. ??  Unfortunately or fortunately, I will refrain from repeating my answer.  Each day has been a new adventure with the customer service reps at Comcast.


Day 4: – 10 am.   And still no resolution. Tech that showed up last night couldn’t do anything. He had to open a ticket for a line tech to show up. When I stated I requested a line tech and was assured by customer service the Tech would be ?????and cutting all types of lines.


DAY 5:  Still no cable or Internet.  Learned a new term from a Comcast supervisor –degraded issue.  He said it was a very complicated issue happening at the facility.

Me:  can you tell me where and which facility has the problem?

Him:  Um, no.  It could be one of several, but it has been going on for weeks.

Me:  You don’t say.  So why can’t my service be rerouted to a facility that IS working.  You don’t fail over process to insure your customers stay up and working?

Him:  We can’t do that.

Me:  Really,  why?


(no answer)

Me:  let’s move on to another issue – customer service.  Why do the reps who answer the calls not give their names, give inaccurate information, blind transfer, hang up on you and give inaccurate or false info?

Him:  That shouldn’t happen.

Me:  Want the name, dates and time of each call and rep?

Me: Do you do quality checks and listen to the reps?

Him:  No

Me:  Would you like help setting up a training program?

Him:  (no answer – he didn’t know what to say.)

So, at 8 am today I will start the circus act again – just to get another day’s credit.  Oh the joys of having the amount of time it takes to deal with incompetent individuals.



Cable fixed…now to get the internet working.  Called Comcast and am being told all my previous calls have been to get credits, I nearly lost it.  Another tech needs to come out because cable techs can’t do internet.  So the wait begins again!  Anyone want to place a bet on how many calls I make before my frustration levels rise to get this working?

(((They had the wrong address for the tech last night. If I had been in the kitchen and heard the truck, then the tech talking to the neighbor, I’m not sure I would even have had the cable fixed last night.)))


Day 6 with Comcast:  Still no internet.  Call last night had the rep telling me all of my previous calls had been to get credits for the outage.  Yes, I lost it and after ten minutes of telling her what I thought, I handed the phone to The Mister.  The two of them did the troubleshooting she was requiring us to do before opening a ticket for a tech to come.  When the troubleshooting was done, she agreed to open a ticket.  I get the phone back and she states that she was able to elevate this and we would get a call in the morning letting us know the time they would be coming.  I just called and the elevated appointment is scheduled for December 20 between 1 – 3.  Now, you can probably guess what is happening.  Yep, back on the phone – waiting for someone in management to get on the line.


Day 6 with Comcast Continued:  Day ended with two techs and a field supervisor coming out.  Techs changed a connector on the modem and replaced a splitter.  Then told me their was trouble in the line.  Tech says he will personally be monitoring the signal strength for 30 days once we are up and running.  Ok, so I suggest since it is 5pm and dark, I am sure no one will be out to fix the outside box.  He apologized and said, yes.  By this point I am done and cave.  All I could do was agree.


Day 7 with Comcast:  I call to confirm a line tech will be out.  I wait all day and when no one shows, I run some errands and get back at 3:45 pm which is the same time the line tech arrives.  Now remember, daylight is fading.  I speak with him and he promises he will not leave without giving me a status.  So I wait.  I decide to turn on the outside light to see what’s happening and guess what?  He’s gone – truck and all.  Yep, I am back on the phone.  I get a rep and my first question was, are you an onshore or offshore rep?  He advised he is onshore.  He asked for a moment to read the notes on the account.  He then tells me there is a huge outage.  My advice to him is to choose his words cautiously.  He becomes quiet.  Then he said he will schedule a tech to come out.  The earliest will be Saturday between 1-3 pm.  I tell him that is unacceptable, but to go ahead and schedule it – but I can guarantee there will be a tech out here sooner – he tells me this is highly unlikely and thanks me for calling.

Now my blood pressure is skyrocketing and I see the tech walk up my sidewalk.  He explains that he has been checking the line up and down my street and found the signal fluctuates.  He has another line tech with him and tells me the problem is water got into the cable and it starts on the next street over.  He said that because it is too dark to dig tonight, he has to come back in the morning.  He can tell I am not happy , but promises he will be back.  He said that his name is on “this” now and he will see it through.  He also hoped to bring the other line tech so they could work in tandem and resolve this quicker.  I told him that after this week I feel I could work there since I have learned so much from customer service to human resources to inside cable, outside cable, Internet, etc.  He apologized and said that I shouldn’t have to go through all this.  (REALLY?!?)  He then said he would be here the first thing in the morning.


Day 8 with Comcast:  The Mister is home today and asked me what time Comcast will be out.  Deep breath…I respond this morning.  The line tech said he had to be at his office by 7:30 and will be here between 8:30 – 9:00 am.  Guess who showed up at 9:04?  The line tech.  Yea!!  So today, I am going to turn this situation over to the Mister since this is more his realm with internet, engrasses and nodes than mine (amazing what I have learned).  Stay tuned to see if we get full service restored.  Oh and one more thing, I am now getting calls from Comcast Business since I have repeatedly stated that we work from home and are losing revenue.  Seriously?!?!  I advised them to remove me from that list since I have little faith with the guaranteed “up time” and I went into great detail with the person as to what I have been experiencing.

Day 8 with Comcast Continued:  The Mister received a call from Comcast advising the ticket has been resolved and is now closed.  Mister advised that there was still no service – so still not resolved – DO NOT CLOSE THE TICKET.  Rep transfers him to an automated HELL!  He hangs up and calls me to get the line tech’s name and Comcast telephone number.  Not sure what is happening now.

Day 8 with Comcast Continued:  I walk into the room to hear the Mister on the phone saying, “no the problem is not fixed.  We still have no service.  I am looking at the modem and there is no incoming signal.  No, do not cancel the appointment for tomorrow.  Yes,  I am still out and want a credit for today, but I also want someone to come out and fix this.  What do you mean there is nothing to fix, I have no internet service.  Fine. ”  Click.

I call back and get an offshore rep from the Philippines.  I request to be transferred onshore.  I am told that isn’t necessary.  I say I don’t want to talk to her and request to be transferred  back to the states.  Again, I was told NO, they couldn’t do that.

I then ask to be put back in que for the next available rep only to be told no again and transferred to her supervisor.  I advise I do not want her supervisor – I want a transfer back to the states.  Again I am told no and am put on hold.

The next person who answers was also in the Philippines.  She advised my appointment for 12-19 between 5-7 pm is still on.  I am still asking to be put back in que in hopes of finding a rep from the USA.  She said there was no need.

I lose it.  I state that we are losing revenue because we work from home most nights, it is the holiday season and I have had to cancel many engagements including a wake due to Comcast and the time involved in waiting for them.  I said that I am looking to see if there is another service such as AT&T.  I am done with Comcast.

She confirmed again my appointment and wished me a Merry Christmas.  I hang up and tried 7 more times before reaching someone in Florida.  I go through the whole explanation again – she confirms the appointment for tomorrow.  I ask if there is any way to have both an inside and outside rep working in tandem since that is going to be the only way this will ever get fixed.  She empathized and said she understood my frustration.

I said, “no, I don’t think anyone knows how frustrated I am”.  I also asked he if there was any way to get this escalated up to a regional director short of taking out a full page ad in a major newspaper.

She offered me free premium channels for 3 months.  I declined.  I told her that I have been told all I want is credit when I call.  I clarified – I just want my service to work.

She sent my info to her supervisor and said that due to the number of calls I have placed and the number of  techs that have come out, this will be made a priority.  I stressed the number of days this has been going on, agreed to wait until the tech shows up between 5-7 pm.  And then wait again until the outside line tech is scheduled – but again – I am looking for new service.  Stay tuned to the same Bat Channel.


Day 9 with Comcast:  Tech is here for the internet…stay tuned.

Day 9 with Comcast Continued:  New tech found the problem.  The internet cable, which apparently was a shorter cable, fell behind the wall.  The three inside techs prior to him either didn’t look or didn’t see it.  Now the question is which tech dropped the cable back there, didn’t thoroughly check their work and those before him and caused unnecessary aggravation and frustration for everyone.  Unfortunately,   we will never know the answer.  Mister is now running diagnostics to see if the signal stays strong of if there are fluctuations.


Harmony is slowly returning – and shall remain until I have to deal with the bill.


(((I actually love Comcast when its working. The problem is when it stops and you have to deal with incompetent individuals who will say anything to get you off the phone. I think there should be more in depth training and retention both in the office and the field. I think they have a silo mentality that needs to be addressed.)))


And, there you have it – nine days of my cousin’s life she will never get back.

Comcast continues to be the gift that keeps giving.

Leave your worst Comcast experience in the comments below – we can all commiserate together.  Or leave your best – and we can dream of a better day.


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