Ten Best Memories of Late Night With David Letterman

Ten Best Memories of Late Night With David Letterman
Late Show with David Letterman via photopin (license)

Tonight’s the night – David Letterman bids farewell to a career that can only be described as legendary.

It makes me feel old to say I can remember when Bette Midler serenaded Johnny Carson into retirement as he handed the reigns of late night comedy to the next generation.

I give you my top ten best memories from the years I have enjoyed that gap-toothed brilliant smile:

#10 – Guessing Dave’s Mom’s Thanksgiving Pies

#9 – Know Your Cuts of Meat

#8 – The Oprah Log – Day 31: She Didn’t Call…

#7 – The People Dave Put on the Map – Sandler, Macdonald, Stern, Kimmel, Larry Bud Melman, Chris Elliot- that guy under the seats.

#6 – Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra – the best in the business

#5 – Watermelons dropping from the roof and any time Dave donned a Velcro suit

#4  – Watching unsuspecting people being told “you just got Biff’d”

#3 – I never missed an interview with Roberts – Bubba – or Murray.  All instant classics.

#2 – Rupert Jee from the Hello Deli

#1 – Dave’s general disdain for dipshits.  Go ahead.  Google the Hilton Interview.

So long, Dave.  Happy Trails.  May the next generation you have inspired do you proud.






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