Why The Fashion Police Should Never Apologize

Why The Fashion Police Should Never Apologize

Let me preface the opinion that is about to follow with this:

I make fun of what I don’t understand.

So does The Fashion Police.

Hollywood is so goddamned self-absorbed – I find a show making fun of them refreshing.

I am also a “call-it-like-I-see-it” kinda gal; Joan Rivers had me at “Can We Talk”.

I always admired Joan Rivers’ belief that she never had to apologize for her opinion.

Calling out starlets on the Red Carpet for their unfortunate fashion mistakes is merely icing on the cake and if that makes me an asshole, or a bully, or apparently a racist, so be it.

I also believe this – just because you have a right to say something doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right thing to say. And – I’ll throw in another cliché while I have your attention – there is a time and a place for everything.

Making off-color remarks on a show that built its foundation on making off-color remarks seems like the perfect goddamn place to do it.

Making fun of someone who looked like a hippie strutting the Red Carpet on her way to the goddamn ACADEMY FRICKIN AWARDS … seems like pretty fair game.

If Giuliana Rancic made such an observation and subsequent remark during her broadcast as an E! anchor or perhaps on the Red Carpet itself – I’d demand an apology.

The fact that she felt the need to beg forgiveness based on a remark that was made while sitting on the set of the Fashion Police – the show that was built on snark – is absolutely insane.

I call bullshit on the entire ordeal.

In the event you have been snoozing under a rock – here it is in a nutshell:

During the course of the “young-kids-walking-the-Red-Carpet” segment of last Monday’s Fashion Police Oscar Special, Giuliana made the remark that Zendaya – sporting a potato sack and dreads – looked as if she smelled like patchouli oil and weed.

After a close up of Osbourne’s horrified expression, the rest of the panel giggled and moved on.

Within minutes of the show airing, Zendaya apparently offended by the racist undertones of G’s off –the-cuff-remark, took to Twitterverse to take umbrage with the lady who is paid to give her opinion – whether those be good, bad, or ugly.

G – tweeted back to Zendaya her apologies – suggesting she did meant “Boho Chic” and certainly not a slight against her heritage.

Then…Osbourne got into the fray…her twitter feed, apparently on fire by the “controversy”. Hey-she didn’t agree with the “racist” suggestion – Z is HER FRIEND.

The next day…the purple-haired one threatened to quit the Fashion Police – I know-GASP-this newsflash will definitely get some action.

G took to her perch on the E! set to give a heartfelt apology to Z. And let the world know – she learned a lesson.

Zendaya returned to Twitterverse shortly thereafter and accepted G’s televised apology.

Wow-all fixed up within 24-hours…just like Kelly O demanded in one of her tweets.

Here is what I think- the entire course of events scream of a huge publicity stunt.

I’m a proud member of The Bullshit Police – and I’d like to make an arrest.

Any person in the industry knows there is no such thing as bad press.

And, it is really no secret that the Fashion Police hasn’t had the ratings it once did when it returned without Queen of Mean holding court in January.

As a card-carrying member of the Bullshit Police, I feel the need to point out some clues:

  • Nothing on this PRE TAPED show is unscripted. I have a hard time believing any of them with the exception of Griffin could ad lib anything more complex than a grocery list to save their life.


  • And, really weren’t all of the highlights-talking points-zingers to be thrown- ironed out in the production meetings prior to taping?


  • If Osbourne was as offended as she seemed when the camera panned to her face following G’s remark, why didn’t she say something there – they could have stopped rolling tape – and re shot the segment.


  • The head scratcher of the entire incident is why Zendaya, a tv actress was even at the Oscars to begin with.  I Googled that shit-came up with nothing.  I thought the Academy Awards were an exclusive gig…they just don’t let anyone in…do they?

Perhaps this wasn’t a well-thought out plan to get us all talking about the Fashion Police – Zendaya – and how any remark about anyone sporting dreads is definitely a diss to the black community.

Maybe I’m too suspicious for my own good.

Maybe Giuliana really did make an unfortunate remark that she deeply regretted and at the same time learned a valuable lesson from in the aftermath.

Apologizing for an opinion offered on a show that is built on opinion is setting a dangerous precedent.

Sorry, G.  You shouldn’t have to apologize for your opinion.  You should apologize for not standing by it.

If people don’t want to watch a show that makes fun of the rich and famous and their questionable fashion choices, said people should change the goddamn channel.

Scan through the guide-there has to be a feel-good-kumbaya movie playing over on Lifetime.

That is why I think Giuliana should either retract her apology or turn in her Joan Ranger Badge.

The show holds no credibility anymore.

Why bother stating your opinion-when you are going to follow it up with an apology?
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