Top Nine Reasons Governor Quinn Needs to Concede

Top Nine Reasons Governor Quinn Needs to Concede


Last night I poured myself a diet coke and munched on a bag of chips waiting to hear the last mind-numbing speech the current governor had to offer.

I went to bed disappointed.

I imagine I’m going to need to pop corn in anticipation of this guy’s removal from Springfield.

I’m convinced his last day is going to involve kicking and screaming and a his clenched fists being physically removed from the door jams of the mansion.

Pat Quinn is proving to provide shits and giggles right up to the bitter end of his term.

I give you my top nine reasons why this guy needs to put a fork in it and move on…

9.  Stomping his feet and refusing to leave is not an option

8.   Clock is still running on ballroom rental at Hotel Allegro

7.    Allegro Wait staff still has to reset room for today’s book club luncheon

6.  The grass at home is way overdue for a season-ending mow

5.   There is only a six-hour window for pre-treating the Merlot stains on governor’s lucky tie

4.    Left-over food on the all-you-can-eat buffet is way past its prime

3.   The window for leaving office with a shred of dignity more than the last two guys left with is closing quickly

2.  A late-model Ford Taurus housed in a spot on Randolph needs its parking meter fed

1. The Springfield mansion isn’t going to pack itself

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