Tempting Fate: Molly Glynn, North Korean Hostages, and Kids Playing Chicken With A Train

Tempting Fate: Molly Glynn, North Korean Hostages, and Kids Playing Chicken With A Train

Three big stories in the news this weekend all involve grown-ups who got a raw deal after they tempted fate.

Late last night, the two American fellas, sentenced to “hard labor” over in North Korea arrived back in the states.

Newsflash…if you don’t want to risk imprisonment in North Korea, don’t go there.

It’s really as simple as that.  In America, we enjoy all kinds of freedom.  Once you enter North Korea airspace though all bets for doing what you please are off.

This morning brought breaking news of two kids getting hit by a train on a Virginia Bridge.  According to reports, a 21-year old man who was an avid photographer died.  The woman involved was being treated in an area hospital.

Ah, when will these crazy, daredevil kids learn?  Climbing over a fence in order to gain access to a train trestle suspended hundreds of feet in the air for the thrill of it seems asinine.  Apparently it’s all the rage for the youngsters in the area.  Definitely an ongoing problem-hence the fence.

As of now, officials do not believe foul play was involved; stay tuned for confirmation of a real “asshat move”.

And then there is the news that hits close to home.

Molly Glynn-actress, bicycle enthusiast, and late wife of the guy who is about to hit it big thanks to your tax dollars  the Cook County Forest Preserve, lost her life to a falling tree as she rode her bike through a forest preserve during a pretty intense storm.

Such tragedy has to be someone’s fault.  Bring on the slick lawyers and the inevitable litigation.

The lawsuit filed late last week claims all kinds of negligence on the part of Cook County.  In a nutshell, they knew there were diseased trees and didn’t do anything about it, resulting in the death of Glynn.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

The suit also alleges that such a failure to inspect the trees was done “with an utter indifference and conscious disregard for the safety of the public and Molly Anne Glynn.”



And now, yep…it looks like the Cook County Forest Preserve is going to have to take the blame and fork over the big bucks because a gal chose to ride her bike in a flipping forest during a storm that produced 80MPH winds. And, really, they should be responsible because what could possibly go wrong in that scenario, right?

I agree Glynn’s death was tragic.  But at what point does Glynn herself become culpable for her actions?

Diseased trees become brittle and fall down.  Healthy trees get uprooted thanks to extreme conditions.  Nature is weird that way.  And when the chance for that is evident, peddling a bike among them seems pretty risky.

The storm was a fast-mover taking most of the area by surprise.  And nature and that fickle bitch Fate ended the life of a beautiful mother of two in the prime of her life.

A freak accident?  Yes.  Understandable in a forest full of trees?  Absolutely.

A biker takes a risk when they ride through a forest full of trees during a severe storm.

The Cook County Forest Preserve should not be held anymore accountable for such a freak accident than the victim.

Things happen.  And, sometimes those things that happen are incredibly sad and tragic.

Even more tragic, no amount of money is going to change how sad Molly’s loss was to her family and friends.

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