John Paul II - The Saint Has Finally Marched In

This post from April seems appropriate to rerun today~All Saints Day.

St. John Paul II was canonized today, along with St. John XXIII.

As a Catholic kid we were taught to adore the saints.

As third graders, we each chose a saint, studied him/her, discovered their patronage (what cause they represented) then wrote a paragraph about them, and dressed up as this person for an all-school mass on All Saints Day.  It was a great tradition.

As a Catholic adult, I remember Sister’s stern words.  “In times of trouble, reach out to the saints”.  “Pray to them.”  “Make them relevant to everyday life”.

Catholic Guilt makes me heed sister’s words.  Life in general urges me to make a game out of it.

I’m a freak about saints.  Give me a cause-a trouble-a head-scratcher and I’ll find you your go-t0-guy or gal.

Everyone knows if you lose something-you call on Anthony.  St. Anthony always finds what is lost, right?

Have a teen getting behind the wheel-or planning a trip?  As a Catholic, you might call on St. Christopher for safe travels.

As a writer with the “block”, I summon encouragement from St. Francis de Sales-the guy who looks out for bloggers-God help our wretched souls.

Here are some more saints you can channel should the need arise…and remember-Sister said to “keep it relevant”…

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