Ferguson Decision: The Conversation Every Parent Needs To Have With Their Kids

Ferguson Decision: The Conversation Every Parent Needs To Have With Their Kids

I watched and listened as Bob McCulloch delivered the Grand Jury decision last night.

The fifteen-year-old was sitting in the next room doing his homework while I watched Dancing With The Stars.  When ABC cut in with the ominous music, the kid joined me on the couch.

Our family is part of the minority-we watch the news-we discuss the news-I’m a firm believer it creates talking points-see what I mean-we’re weirdos.

Last night was no different.

The kids know exactly where I stand on the events that transpired back in August.

I tell them what I always tell them when a kid has a run-in with the police and it is this:

If you put yourself in a situation that involves a police officer, be prepared to suffer whatever consequence that may come your way.

If you find yourself arrested-plan on spending the night-I’m not bailing you out.

If you disrespect the man/woman wearing the badge-anticipate getting the book thrown at you.

And if you choose to lunge in an officers’ squad and grab for his revolver after you just robbed a store and cold-cocked the owner-say a Hail Mary and prepare to meet your maker.

Last night, I added some more commentary as we watched absolute animals start a city on fire.

Smashing the windows of a liquor store in order to steal bottles of booze does not let the world know you disagree with the decision.

No, it tells the world you’re an asshole-who probably didn’t listen to the prosecuting attorney’s comments-because you were too busy getting ready to cause some trouble.

I can’t believe the outrage in St. Louis over a decision. Where is the outrage over people starting a goddamn city on fire?

Sure, I feel sad for Brown’s parents.  Losing a kid cannot be easy.

Looting stores and setting businesses on fire is not the answer.  24/7 news outlets have footage of the thugs looting the stores, turning over police cars, and creating all kinds of mayhem in the streets of St. Louis last night.

They should consider running that footage instead of the sad music and 12-year-old picture of the “angelic” Mike Brown.

Instead they will devote the airwaves to Sharpton and Jackson today as they continue to make excuse after excuse for black boys behaving badly.

Poor Mike Brown-his great-great-great-great-grandparents were slaves.  Poor Mike Brown-he’s black so he is not educated-Poor Mike Brown-Poor Mike Brown-Poor Mike Brown.

Poor Mike Brown, indeed.  Poor Mike Brown robbed a store, beat up a store owner, didn’t listen to the police officer, called him a pussy and tried to take a police officers’ gun.

Mike Brown’s parents want someone to blame for their son’s death.  They should start with Poor Mike Brown.


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